Hotel scored.

It’s all paid for by money bagz but I prefer to pocket My travel cash and make someone else chip in and cover the costs. I think I am a Jew. ;] Anywho-

Tuesday I plan on meeting Twisted Toes at My house to film a few clips and then We’ll head up towards Tampa to relax on the beach with the infamous Asian Goddess and Her bestie. 4 hot chix in bikinis. MMMMmmMMmMMmMmm

If you have any requests for foot clips… she’s a 5, I am a 9, get them in NOW. Tomorrow is Gasparilla… party at TAYTAYS!

Oh and let’s not forget the one who wanted to be an owned slave soooo bad. Well Mr fuckall foot boy, I’ve decided to post you for not showing up today. Cheerio! My sparrkk steve maddens await.


And amazon bitch, get some cash. I’ve got more wants.

And buy:


Garage Bitch
you, in the garage locked up tight. Cucked and caged. you can’t stroke it not because the cage is too small but because I have your cock locked up too. I love bringing men home from after My nights out while We walk past your whimpering ass into the house. Oh and did I mention I love making you lap up My spit and sniffing My ass? hehe
Buy Now

Friday Maid Day!

Brag blogs can be borring but not when one little subbie will run down the wishlist and clear off everything I tell him to. Pretty sure you’ve spent 1k if not more. Why don’t you tally up your credit card statement and give Me a grand total as of thus far. – GRAND TOTAL $1565 not including the soon to be Mine handbag.

financial slaveI get what I want

Tons more on the way! Way to go wishlist boy.

The mirror is also from wishlist boy. The boots came from chadi I think. I donno. I can’t remember and it really doesn’t much matter. Not until chadi comes down to Fla for some real time fun! aha

foot slave

And speaking of real time… I have maid twat… yea remember this one? Coming down on Friday to do some house chores, take Me out, pay for drinks, and maybe film some clips. I am talking PUBLIC clips. haha Are ya ready bitch? Ready to me made into a fool?  Princess Vikki and I met up with him in NYC last May where he brought Me pepto (LOL) paid for lunch, and sent Me off with about $100 in cash for the pleasure of meeting Me.

Let’s see what sort of shenanigans I can pull.

Oh and I am going to love My $350 lamb boots Milk Shake boy ;]

the world is Mine

More Miami photos, – and there are more of Me…

chillin sippin My drink in the Cabana while Princess Vikki was indisposed ;] Yes I am making a face. But I am still hot.

I’m your fucking ghost bitch.


The other night was a lovely drunk mess. It started off caming with a friend of Mine (for fun) which turned into a night of losers with cash.  First ratboy came along and just dumped green into My clipvia account. Sat there like a loser oogling over Me being the heavenly Goddess that I am. Next this self bukake bitch of Mine begs for a little cleavage tease.

Said it turned you on to see yourself in My blog. Well here you are dumbass. Aren’t you proud?

The rest of your douche bouches aren’t even worth a name drop. In fact, I already forgot half of you. Don’t worry, My bank account hasn’t.

Wayne’s Christian Louboutin’s that were too small finally made their way back to Me in the form of a giftcard. What a sweet number for a pair of hot heels.

Who’s going to Fetcon this year? Thinking Princess Vikki is coming down to Tampa to join Me and knowing regardless, Cumdump is paying for the Suite.  Now the question is, who is paying for My flight to Maine end of May?? J!!!!! I am waiting on you ;]

VEGAS IN A WEEK AND 3 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!