FUCK 2020!

Seriously though, it was a pretty damn lucrative year for me though. Probably one of my best ever. Which is exactly why you want to be included in finishing it off with me with a BANG! 💥

I’ve tried sending a very special coupon code out on iWantMeggerz.com but their system seems to be down and has been for a while now. I’ve got a lot of hot ptv content I’ve been attempting to send out and apparently only half (if not LESS) of you are receiving any. Head on over to my store and enter the code “Fuck2020” and let’s finish this year by fucking it together.

So with the above being said about ptvs, from now on (or at least the time being) I want my boys to know my most preferred platform for contact is LoyalFans.com/meggerz – I check my msgs daily unlike anywhere else. This does not mean I am on call there, but you can pay for my undivided attention when my schedule permits.

I am also very reliably available on Sextpanther.com/Princess-Meggerz – I can be texted 24/7 and when I am available, it’s the quickest and easiest way to receive a reply from me. I also accept phone calls here but my preferred platform is Niteflirt.com/PrincessMeggerz

And I have a FREE onlyfans page Onlyfans.com/meggerz_free where I plan to offer some exclusive content and contests. Follow and like all my posts. My newest clips will also be available for purchase on both my OF accounts. I PREFER this platform as I receive the highest payout. Stars also pays out in my favor stars.avn.com/meggerz/media (you can also follow me here if you prefer over OF because I post the exact same content.)

I understand this is a lot to digest, especially with your blood in your little brain right now but I am trying to make this as EASY and as straightforward for you to be in contact with me as possible.

Clips will be on a less erratic schedule now, moving forward I will have a new release out every Friday and once more throughout the week. Be sure to check each week for hot new content. And finally, I am doing a BIG CLIP SHOOTING BLOWOUT! Banging as many as I can out over the next few weeks so I can take a much needed spring/summer break. If you are interested in a custom before it’s too late, check out meggerz.com/clips

Now here is a hot photo. HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!

meggerz naked

The Power Of Meggerz

A little birdie told me how much you guys missed jerking off onto yourself while being humiliated – or to other men I’ve emasculated so you’re wel-eating-cum. And now more cum eating to come.

But first a photo of me cuz I’m hot.

meggerz ass and foot worship

Now that that’s out of the way…

-This guy called on Niteflirt. “Great ignore call” he says $384.06 later. And by says (this is was an ignore call mind you) I mean he comments and rates 5 out of 5 stars.

easy money from ignoring a submissive

And with my phone sitting there on speaker, I banged out two custom humiliation clips and web cammed Snap Snap Slave on a free (Yes, *FREE*) Skype call. Be jealous of both these two. They got waaaay more than they bargained for, that’s for sure. So what’s more humiliation, being ignored while I cam with another sub or being the sub on cam who should be ashamed of himself for not paying? Snap Snap always makes up for it in tribute though. Nothing less than the best for his Mistress.

-And remember this little tidbit of TMI?

humiliation loser

I wouldn’t doubt he did it. He’ll put any garbage down his throat and loves blowing fat loads into his loser face at the site of my ass. He needs me to instruct him on how low to go and can’t get enough of me. Yum yum this loser loves his own cum.

cum eating CEI self facial

-Stupid fetching pig, otherwise known as ‘stupid moron’ or just plain ‘stupid’ is back. More easy Niteflirt ignore line money. Sunday we did quite a few hundred dollars worth. When he’s not paying to be ignored, he’s singing his stupid song for me while I laugh at him.

-This guy pays to blow in record time. 

-He was in a public toilet this time, assuming at work. Another tit obsessed addict who craves to clean up his own load and suck it down. Anyone else want to eat their own cum for me?

one minute jerkoff

-Cuckie Sean loves me.

-Kendra is a whore. “Feed me cock please Princess.” Another faggot who’s eager for cum eating instruction.

stupid whore who wants to eat cum

-Faggy is a whore. Faggy loves to eat his cum.

-Cumdump is a whore.

-Met snap snap in real life. Blew his fucking mind.

-I have a tissue slave now. He pays for used tissues and restocks all my toiletry needs. So economical.

I know I am missing quite a few of you… if you want to be posted, you know where to find me.

meggerz money rich bitch


How Meggerz Got A Boyfriend

My phone rings. It’s Niteflirt.
“Oh, fuck me.” I think.
I was taking my 45 minute ME time before my shower and seriously debating on ignoring the call. -Alas, I pick up.
“Hello. This is Niteflirt. A customer is on the line. This customer is calling your listing in Women Fetish Femdom, to your member name Princess Meggerz. The rate for this call will be $6.99 per minute. To accept this call…”
Begrudgingly, I hit one.

He’s forign with a thick accent and the connection’s shotty. I tell him to call back hoping he gives up and takes his ‘white American goddess’ fantasy elsewhere. They’re usually only good for a few bucks anyways. Apparently wages are shit in third world middle eastern countries, but what do I know?

“I had a dream about you. You and I were married and we had a child.”
Uhhh. No.
“What makes you think I’d even consider marrying you?” I ask.
“why not..?”

We had a boy. His name was “Zayrod” – he meant Jared. He wants me to know more about him. He is paying $6.99 to reintroduce himself.

He wants to know why I am laughing at him.

“Send me a tribute and you can be my boyfriend…” LOL
“Yes Goddess.”

“Send me another tribute and I will call you ‘baby.'”
“Yes Goddess.”

Right around this point our previous call starts to come back to me and I know he’s good for even more cash.

He decides to divulge his “creepy” fantasy to me. His words, not mine. I’m at that point where no fantasy creeps me out anymore, clearly.
He asks me to fart in his face (cuz I’ve never gotten that one before). Because it’s romantic. It’s romantic when you send me tributes, baby.

We’re about a good 30 minutes into the call at this point and my boyfriend’s beginning to grow on me.
He then asks me for a different platform to send tribute on. “I fucking hate these sites taking your money!” he exclaims. My kind of boyfriend, let me tell you.

One thousand dollars later, “This call lasted 62 minutes. $289.95 has been credited to your account bringing you back to the advisor menu…” I can also hum the holding music if need be.

Anyway, moral of my story? Answer that phone! Money aside, I made myself a boyfriend. 😉

(Incase you’ve been living under a rock, start at the bottom and read to the top.)
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niteflirt story on twitter
niteflirt story on twitter

My Stupid Loser Human ATM

Silly Limie! Playing a little clip game of Mine while I was busy away from the computer.

human atm niteflirt

I sent you another paymail. I know you can’t resist Me. I know seeing a letter in your inbox makes you stupid and weak. I know how much you love paying Me. Give Me something more to add to My blog Limie. Give Me a lot more to add.