The Power Of Meggerz

A little birdie told me how much you guys missed jerking off onto yourself while being humiliated – or to other men I’ve emasculated so you’re wel-eating-cum. And now more cum eating to come.

But first a photo of me cuz I’m hot.

meggerz ass and foot worship

Now that that’s out of the way…

-This guy called on Niteflirt. “Great ignore call” he says $384.06 later. And by says (this is was an ignore call mind you) I mean he comments and rates 5 out of 5 stars.

easy money from ignoring a submissive

And with my phone sitting there on speaker, I banged out two custom humiliation clips and web cammed Snap Snap Slave on a free (Yes, *FREE*) Skype call. Be jealous of both these two. They got waaaay more than they bargained for, that’s for sure. So what’s more humiliation, being ignored while I cam with another sub or being the sub on cam who should be ashamed of himself for not paying? Snap Snap always makes up for it in tribute though. Nothing less than the best for his Mistress.

-And remember this little tidbit of TMI?

humiliation loser

I wouldn’t doubt he did it. He’ll put any garbage down his throat and loves blowing fat loads into his loser face at the site of my ass. He needs me to instruct him on how low to go and can’t get enough of me. Yum yum this loser loves his own cum.

cum eating CEI self facial

-Stupid fetching pig, otherwise known as ‘stupid moron’ or just plain ‘stupid’ is back. More easy Niteflirt ignore line money. Sunday we did quite a few hundred dollars worth. When he’s not paying to be ignored, he’s singing his stupid song for me while I laugh at him.

-This guy pays to blow in record time. 

-He was in a public toilet this time, assuming at work. Another tit obsessed addict who craves to clean up his own load and suck it down. Anyone else want to eat their own cum for me?

one minute jerkoff

-Cuckie Sean loves me.

-Kendra is a whore. “Feed me cock please Princess.” Another faggot who’s eager for cum eating instruction.

stupid whore who wants to eat cum

-Faggy is a whore. Faggy loves to eat his cum.

-Cumdump is a whore.

-Met snap snap in real life. Blew his fucking mind.

-I have a tissue slave now. He pays for used tissues and restocks all my toiletry needs. So economical.

I know I am missing quite a few of you… if you want to be posted, you know where to find me.

meggerz money rich bitch

Anal Stimulation and Self Facials

The Prostate Massager. A now very important tool in the life of my sub. You see, for weeks Ball Dropper was denied orgasm until orgasm was permitted. Luckily, I instructed him months back to purchase this little device and train himself to achieve orgasm without any cock stimulation. Unfortunately for him, he has thus far been unable to peak only through anal penetration. Once he learns how to use it correctly, he will be allowed to cum as many times as he would like without My approval. Practice makes perfect, eh Ball Dropper? Maybe I should redub you AnalOnly or how about ProstatePleasure..? ;]

Anal Stimulation

I suggest all of My subs invest in this inexpensive pleasure device. Easily and discreetly purchased through Amazon.

Now back to my story . Ball Dropper is a good boy. I tell him what I want purchased and/or how much money to send… which he does, everytime without fail. I don’t even bother confirming before starting my cam and allowing him to entertain me and gain his release. For the past few weeks he’s been retrieving assigned items, patiently awaiting his session knowing I am blowing him off for other menial tasks and other subs sessions. Finally, tonight I put him on cam. Needless to say, he only lasted about 2 minutes.

Humiliated Cam Slave

Self Facial

No need for him to do anything special. The fact that he waited patiently for My shower head to not only arrive after being screwed up multiple times but then installed and used to evaluate (which only took well over a week), he then turned on his cam and attempted to fix his appearance by playing with his hair. He knew good and well I’d have him spread eagle fucking his ass and licking up cum. What the fuck do I care about his looks? I was already cracking up at this point. Next, he inserts his little ‘friend’ and proceeds to squeeze and release his ass(?) muscles. I asked him how he knew what to do and he informed me the massager had come with directions. He was only following the instructions on the package. At this point, and about 3 minutes in, I told him to just go ahead and jerk it. I was dying. Easily made my night. One minute 30 seconds later he was licking up the cum from his belly.

Prostate Massage

Cheers Ball Dropper.

A much better performance than this ass idiot. Multiple payments of $15 for shitty webcam photos of My ass inspired him to suggest he go into his bathroom and blow onto his face. He apparently had a house full of people and his only escape was to throw his legs up over the porcelain bowl and blow it on the can. I am NOT impressed. As soon as the idiot was about to reach tipping point the cam pauses and I end it. “What happened? Why did my cam die, Princess?”

self facial on cam

Voluntarily paid for face removal.
Piss facial attempt coming soon!
(Next blog update)

This happened. Your face plastered on my blog. I understand there is a difference between weakness and stupidity. This one was just plain stupid.

Get your Fix

I want you to cum
I really do. Pick out a few of My clips, specifically clips where I allow you to cum or give you a cum countdown. But in order to participate in this clip you are going to have to follow My directions exactly. And if you do… I allow you to cum to My sexy body, round ass, and perfect tits a second time.

*you are going to need a condom*
Now go on and watch My clips. Watch and jerk. Jerk it and blow your load into the condom I instructed you to have. Tie it off and put it somewhere special to save (like the fridge) until you are horny again and able to handle this clip. I guarantee I am going to have a lot of fun with you in this clip.

Little Man Mash
I tease, I taunt, I destroy. Bow down little bug boy. Bow down and pray I spare your life. I want to hear you beg Me to allow you to be set free. I am so cruel and powerful compared to you. I can do anything I want to you. I have complete control over you and you will be My little puppet until I decide to crush you.

Getting My Raise
“So I am the VP of HR at Your company and I have received numerous complaints about Your violation of the dress code (from all the women, who complain about Your short skirts and low-cut tops). I call You in to my office to fire You. But it’s not long before You discover that I am extremely distracted by Your sexy cleavage. Can You make a clip where You exploit my weakness for Your sexy tits to sweet talk me in to letting You keep Your job and also getting a big raise?”
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Swish Swash Nutty Cum

So I’m going to be in Daytona this weekend, kicking some Slave Andy ball sacs. Should be fun. Totally looking forward to wailing on his nutz. ;]

But he won’t be and isn’t the first little slave fuck to be added to My clips store. I’ve mentioned My little cuckold bitch before and have finally took the time to edit and upload one of the clips I used him for. FYI- this ain’t melted butter or apple juice. The REAL DEAL. Nothing bubbles like real nut and let’s just say he makes some pretty impressive swishy swashy bubbliez with Master Matties cum. -Makes Me think of that little blast from the past, CumWhipper. HA

cuckold condom licker

I don’t really care to dick around and edit free videos but I did promise.  It’s that [used to be good for but now is a] time wasting wanker MegzSlutInTraining. He saved up his cash and begged for it. mmm Kitty Litter makes Me hot.

And CUMDUMP– just to see if you are fucking paying attention and practicing, COMMENT ME and I will send you another pic for your studies.