Autofellatio – Fucking His Own Face

Valid Question: If you could suck your own cock, would you?

I received these photos a few weeks ago while in Vegas… and obviously there was no rush to either make envious and/or terrify every one of my blog readers.

if you could suck your own cock, would you?

If you could suck your own cock, would you?

sucking his own penis on webcam

I wonder what it tastes like…

But would you? Aside from how humiliating this idiot must feel now that I’ve posted him, if you could secretly fit your dick to your lips, would you blow yourself? Would you be proud of it and brag to anyone with a dick of their own? I’ve had guys attempt this great feat during a cam session yet never achieve it and genuinely look disappointed. It’s possible they were only upset they failed to amuse me but another part of me wonders if all you subs (closet faggot or not) out there really do dream about wrapping your lips around your own cock and sucking yourself into a cummie oblivion just the way you like it.

It’s not most of you haven’t already given yourself a cum facial as per my command but to actually suck it? To smell your own balls sweat and cock cheese. Ugh. I’m making myself sick.

Upon first glance at this freak I laughed. Not a true ‘lol’ but more of a snigger and almost as soon as I opened the image I was over it. But looking at it again I really want to vomit all over this guy. I hope he chokes on it.

Comment and tell me or better yet SHOW ME your opinion (and attempts) at giving this guy a run for his cock slobbering money. 

Time For Giving… To Me

The Holidays – Time For Giving

holiday tribute

It’s holiday season and there’s no better excuse to give unto me. It’s not like you have anyone else who cares about you that you’d be spending on. So spend that cash on yourself by gifting it all to me. Happy Princess means happy you.


 Plenty of purchasing options. No excuses.
Clipvia – Kinkbomb – Clips4Sale –  NiteFlirt


Piggie Justin was really hit hard by my lack of interest in being online recently. Now that’s neither here nor there as I am back and busting wallets like I used to.  Here’s piggie’s little return haul.  I have a strong feeling once he see’s me in what he’s paid for the gifts will go from trickling in to a full blown tsunami.

amazon-binge amazon-binge-02 amazon-binge-01


Piggie got a little cam time to “encourage” his spending. I suppose after dropping close to $10k (or more?) on me in the past few months a little ‘push’ wouldn’t hurt.

Oh Hi! J… you’re so fucked. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t remove that white bubble from covering your face.  I prefer the reason to be in the form of CASH.
wallet mind fuck

And this one too. Better hop on that task I gave you unless you want me to remove the pretty pink bubble (which might I add matches your gf’s pretty pink panties) over your face. mmhmm
sissy whore

Bikini fail is back again. He’s back quite often actually and looking super fucking unsexy in his “friend’s” kini.

cum eating instruction

Slob that cum whore, slob.

Thumbs up to banana fucker. I ‘ll give you some credit here. His cock was so fucking GIGANTIC (HELLO, CUMDUMP) that I made him attempt to suck it. Was only about an inch shy and still lapped up his cummies for me.
self cock sucker

Dumb dumb Josh Turner popped back up. These animated gif’s are so annoying but I love em!

blackmail slave

Frenchie reared his ugly lil head again. He begged me not to post him until he was officially released. I told him I wouldn’t mostly because I know how much that fool loves drama but did it anyway to watch him squirm.

And big shout outs to Ceara Lynch. She’s a genius but she already knows that. Why? Amongst other things, becuz she discovered this: SinfulCallClick that link, sign up under my profile, and add $30 worth of credits. Why? Uh… because I just told you to.

boys are our pawns

“Boys Are Our Pawns”

Cum Eating, Diapers, & Small Dick

1 minute 45 seconds.

This is my “WTF” face. But ya know if ya wanna pay for a 10 minute session, turn the cam on, shoot nut across the room  (witnessing it fly from that tiny cock was rather shocking ), and run I’m A-OK with that.
one minute man

Seems to be the theme nowadays. Pay for 10 minutes pop in 5. Again, completely A-OK with taking your money for an overpriced cam session. (Nig just won the record. 1:24, oh yeah.)

So next there’s “pathetic diaper boy” I’ve seen plastered all over other blogs lately. “Goo goo gaa gaa!” What a loser. “I’ve been in diapers for 11 years after I began wetting the bed. I wish you could see the nursery (basement) at my ex wife’s. She had a special crib and playpen made just for me!” Yay. But I’ll pass. Not unless ya wanna dig deeper into your pocke… er diaper and give me more babysitting money. I mean really, you’re only good for 2 things: a laugh and easy fast babysitting cash.

pathetic diaper boy
diaper fetish

Guess what “pathetic diaper boy” has been taught to do with all his messes… Yep.
Kinda like this freakshow below. Ass obsessed panty wearing small penis loser. Says he wants to gobble on cock for me. Don’t doubt it. Cleans up after himself too. These bitches are nice and tidy. *dribble dribble lick lick* How’s the humpty pillow taste, hmm? Cumalicious I bet.pillow humping cum licker

My little foot bitch has been making an impression lately. About a year ago I used to get heels and pedis before he fell off the bandwagon. Can’t say that he was missed but it’s always so uh… sweet… having my last 4 mani / pedi’s paid for in one lump sum along with the upcoming, more cash, and more boots. Which I love love *LOVE* by the way.

foot fetish

Anyone else wanna take over the mani / pedi payment regime? I’ve got about 4 onboard, can’t hurt to recruit a fifth. 4 errr 5 x $80 every two weeks… just think of it this way, if your money doesn’t go to this pedicure it will surely go to a future one.

Speaking of feet, my flipflop slippers are up for auction. So sad to see them go but I know you’ll appreciate them more than me.

used flipflops

Buy the clip HERE


Bid HERE and win the clip along with the flips.

foot fetish


And I shall leave you with this little gem. ;]
real self destruction

“Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk
Making smart with their words again – well, I’m bored
Because I’m doing this for the thrill of it, killing it” er yeah, no.



Anal Stimulation and Self Facials

The Prostate Massager. A now very important tool in the life of my sub. You see, for weeks Ball Dropper was denied orgasm until orgasm was permitted. Luckily, I instructed him months back to purchase this little device and train himself to achieve orgasm without any cock stimulation. Unfortunately for him, he has thus far been unable to peak only through anal penetration. Once he learns how to use it correctly, he will be allowed to cum as many times as he would like without My approval. Practice makes perfect, eh Ball Dropper? Maybe I should redub you AnalOnly or how about ProstatePleasure..? ;]

Anal Stimulation

I suggest all of My subs invest in this inexpensive pleasure device. Easily and discreetly purchased through Amazon.

Now back to my story . Ball Dropper is a good boy. I tell him what I want purchased and/or how much money to send… which he does, everytime without fail. I don’t even bother confirming before starting my cam and allowing him to entertain me and gain his release. For the past few weeks he’s been retrieving assigned items, patiently awaiting his session knowing I am blowing him off for other menial tasks and other subs sessions. Finally, tonight I put him on cam. Needless to say, he only lasted about 2 minutes.

Humiliated Cam Slave

Self Facial

No need for him to do anything special. The fact that he waited patiently for My shower head to not only arrive after being screwed up multiple times but then installed and used to evaluate (which only took well over a week), he then turned on his cam and attempted to fix his appearance by playing with his hair. He knew good and well I’d have him spread eagle fucking his ass and licking up cum. What the fuck do I care about his looks? I was already cracking up at this point. Next, he inserts his little ‘friend’ and proceeds to squeeze and release his ass(?) muscles. I asked him how he knew what to do and he informed me the massager had come with directions. He was only following the instructions on the package. At this point, and about 3 minutes in, I told him to just go ahead and jerk it. I was dying. Easily made my night. One minute 30 seconds later he was licking up the cum from his belly.

Prostate Massage

Cheers Ball Dropper.

A much better performance than this ass idiot. Multiple payments of $15 for shitty webcam photos of My ass inspired him to suggest he go into his bathroom and blow onto his face. He apparently had a house full of people and his only escape was to throw his legs up over the porcelain bowl and blow it on the can. I am NOT impressed. As soon as the idiot was about to reach tipping point the cam pauses and I end it. “What happened? Why did my cam die, Princess?”

self facial on cam

Voluntarily paid for face removal.
Piss facial attempt coming soon!
(Next blog update)

This happened. Your face plastered on my blog. I understand there is a difference between weakness and stupidity. This one was just plain stupid.

Do I have a penis, mom?


I don’t even know who the dipshit is. But send Me cash to give you stupid tasks & I’m up for the challenge.  For tomorrow he suggested a public place, exlax, and more photos. I just threw in the word corn and a light bulb went off in that big empty dome of his. Let’s take bets on how much cash I am going to charge to open that email.

humiliated by me


W had a fabulous Sat night. Nothing beats fucking your ass with a bottle and a pencil. Oh except licking off the anal juice. Er and then licking up the jizz. What a fag.