Gay For (Not Only) Pay

Last night I had a revelation.

Initially I thought gay men turned me on. And of course this isn’t unusual. Most women become aroused by gay porn. Possibly because it appears as if the men involved are actually enjoying themselves. Nothing seems scripted, rehearsed, or over the top ridiculous. I myself have trouble watching conventional porn knowing how much effort goes into getting the right shot, how unrealistic everything looks and sounds, and how uncomfortable most of those damned positions are. But that’s beside my point.

I realized that for me to become aroused it has little to do with the actual man on man interaction and everything to do with being the only driving force behind one straight man’s desire to act in a gay manor for my pleasure.

And here’s an example I can pull from my teenage years. I was too young and naive to realized exactly what I was doing at the time and what it would lead up to but looking back upon this gave me an “ah ha!” moment as to why I am so great at what I do now.

I was about 15 year and hanging out with two of my guy friends. One of whom I knew had a major crush on me. Crush guy and friend wanted beer but had no money. I had the money but wanted something more out of my investment than just sharing a few beers. I knew then as I know now that the money only played a small part in what happened next.

I wanted to see them work for that money. A kiss. Just a small peck on the lips and I would give them enough for a 12 pack. They refused, assuming I’d eventually cave and spot them the cash. I refused knowing they would eventually give in, that all it would take was another push and a few teasing words. I knew crush guy had it bad enough for me that I’d get my way. I understood the power I held over him. He would convince his friend that it was a good idea, that they needed the beer money bad enough to perform an act they would never consider otherwise. And I ultimately knew it wasn’t about the money. The whole mind fuck I contrived seemed like an innocent enough way for them to earn the money but from that day forth I knew this kid would be putty in my hands.

They kissed, I won, we all shared beer. I shit you not.


So you now understand why I enjoy “Forced Bi” humiliation so much. All of this occured to me sooner but last night’s little phone session with Mikey motivated me to share it with the world much as I am sharing his kink with the world. Enjoy:

If the above video doesn’t work click HERE.
Go fetch Mikey
I’ll blog about Greece in the next few days. Too many photos to sort through.

Glory Holes

Cumdump actually reminded Me that I had these stupidly sexy screen shots of piggy johnny slobbering cock at the local glory hole. err. The cock arcade…

slave sucking cock

He loves to get zooted and swallow random jizz.

cock slave

Pathetic loser sucking strangers cock.

glory hole

OINK OINK hahahaha

but tonight we decided to make him a piggie star

Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?”


I’m waiting on My “Tinkle Ballerina” as I write this.

So where does Cumdump come in you ask.

Whore will be in Germany soon and NEEDS a sweet spot to slob some cock. The grimier the better. Shit deserves shit. Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg. So if you can either suggest a seedy joint or volunteer to have your cock blown LET ME KNOW.  Whore is super excited to become a clip slut for Me, earning Me profit while it falls lower and lower. On it’s knees blowing a sub for My benefit. Oh and whore, keep your eyes on My wish list. Your duty as My date cuck doesn’t expire just because you pulled in one haul.

Threesome Cock Sucking Fun!

Q. What do you get when you cross 2 wannabe faggots and an amazingly demanding and twisted Mistress?




A. One completely fucked up side show of an interactive cyber fuck fest! (If that even makes any sense!)

forced cock sucking



As you can clearly see, I have that bimplie slobbing and that string bean stroking into his face.

Now who’s the bigger faggot? The one jerking to the faggot slobbing or the faggot slobbing and jerking. I mean they both end up with jizz in their faces. So who really cares? As long as their cocks came while staring at each other is all that matters anyways.

Can’t wait til blimpie receives My panites and chewed up bubble gum.We goina have sone fuuuu uuuun!

And $700+ later…

small penis humiliation

Currently on the phone with Blake – aka super fag.


giant cock

It’s been over 2 hours at the rate of $5.99 per minute and I’ve been listening to him drone on and on about  his life’s experiences sucking and mancunting cock. Very uhm- fun.

small penis

Look as his tiny penis compared to a regular sized cock. Pathetic, huh? That’s why he likes the BBC.

white boy loves black cock

At 13 he blew his load the first time he sucked his friends dick. Bust it right there in his panties as his buddy blew into his mouth.

At 16 he lost his virginity. His girlfriend went to the gyno and the doctor asked if she knew what sex was. Apparently his little cock, after 4 thrusts, never made a dent in her. The whole school found out and it was all down hill from then on. Cock for Blake. Which is how I discovered or Blake’s profile rather.  I logged in and spruced it up a bit.

And now he is super pumped to read this blog post, he is sitting on the phone as I type it hoping to blow to it. Hi Blake.

P.S. I was just reminded, My neighbor Evan stopped by to say hello and I told Super Fag to tell Evan all these embarrassing stories I just mentioned above. I think super fag liked that.  ;] Evan however did not.

Mummy’s Lingerie

If you are stupid enough to send Me photos like this and ask Me not to post them of course I am going to post them. I mean, seriously, I know you want them posted, bill curtain. We all know you are a whore. I hope mummy sees these.

You have received 1 photo from billcurtain00. doll2.jpg Open (Alt+Shift+O) 

fucks blowup doll

billcurtain00: dont put onlnie

billcurtain00: have one wanking in my mums underwear

You have received 1 photo from billcurtain00. t733.jpg Open (Alt+Shift+O)

in mothers lingerie

billcurtain00: would u like me to do a pic?

You have received 1 photo from billcurtain00. out.jpg Open (Alt+Shift+O)


billcurtain00: do you like them they are for you not online

princessmeggerz: they are going online

billcurtain00: what! where?

billcurtain00: cant see my face

billcurtain00: please dont

princessmeggerz: who cares

billcurtain00: i do dont want to be recognsied

billcurtain00: in lingerie with sex doll or wanking in motheres girdle