Money is My Middle Name

Limie loves Me, that’s a fact.

Rich Femdom

But I wasn’t too happy about that pending $999.00. I mean waking up to $500 is ok but a bit disappointing when I see that big PENDING tribute below it. So he made sure to make up for it. Than disappeared into the night.

how to make easy money

So I smiled today. Good boy Limie. Who else wants a happy Goddess?

I know Money Hunny does ;] He just shipped out My special little Visa. This way I am no longer limited to using his CC# on amazon. I can skip My happy ass into any store I want and put it on My bitch.  Will be more fun draining him when he least expects it and making him reload the card every time it’s dry.

Kendra is back and already face first back down that rabbit hole once again. My venmo is slowly rising and all meals off are on the slut. Hope the 24th works out, I really wanna fuck him in the ass and film it.

Cumdump just bought My new Macbook. You’re welcome whore. Add that to you’re next bill.

new mac

Oh and that black sting bikini is screaming your name. Pump your stump and anticipate the photos.

Georgie #2′s been fucking his asshole with BBC. I made a clip about it. 

Can’t wait for Shauna Ryanne to visit this weekend so #2 can call and get laughed at by 2 hot girls to continue his “therepy.” Bahahaha what a sucker. YOU’RE A FAG. btw- If you want a custom of Shauna and Myself shoot Me an email:

This is funny. I am post sex, hung over, un showered and he is drooling over My cam.

Pups dropped like $200 for some ped-cam ;] Shy as hell and loving it.

meggerz feet

A new drunky has stumbled his way into My life and is already in love. Who can say no to forced intox fun, right?

Old drunky forgets how much he actually spends Me so I keep taking more.

Jeez. This all happened in the past 2 days. I love My life. $3.5k + (recalculation!! add macbook) $6.7k and I really didn’t do shit but sit here. ;]


Do I have a penis, mom?


I don’t even know who the dipshit is. But send Me cash to give you stupid tasks & I’m up for the challenge.  For tomorrow he suggested a public place, exlax, and more photos. I just threw in the word corn and a light bulb went off in that big empty dome of his. Let’s take bets on how much cash I am going to charge to open that email.

humiliated by me


W had a fabulous Sat night. Nothing beats fucking your ass with a bottle and a pencil. Oh except licking off the anal juice. Er and then licking up the jizz. What a fag.

Forced Mangina Fucked

I popped 2 virgin anal cunts in 2 days. I must say I am on a fucking roll.

finger fucker

Airplane vodka bottles, fingers, and a beer bottle which was then emptied up his asshole while in wife’s panties. Blew a giant load to My tits.

Next- In girlfriends panties while she was out for the evening. Fingered his little asshole and sent multiple tributes. Blew a giant load to My tits. See a pattern here.

ass virgin sub

submissive ass whore

Who want’s to be My 3rd victim?

*Please note I am un showered without makeup on in the cam snaps and still I win.

gay 4 pay

Only one month left until I meet up with My barbie slave and maid twat in New York City. I hope you boys are getting excited for all the sexy fun I have planned…
I’m talking gay for pay. Yep. barbie will do anything to keep Me happy and maid twat is such a pleaser I figured why the hell not? Looks like I will be restraining one of them to the bed while the other is instructed to slob the slave’s nob. I’ll just sit back and instruct. Laugh and instruct.

cumdump is already jealous. I can only picture the excitement on his face and the boner in his panties when he actually gets to pay for the clip I make of all the faggy fun.

My hotel is all booked and now all I need is some recommendations on where I should have these two fags take Me.

Oh yea and it’s all paid for by money bags… (except for all the expenses I am making the fags cover :P)

First installment for the trip. hahaha LOVIN IT! But the rest of you d-bags are still allowed to tribute towards My fun.


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