gay 4 pay

Only one month left until I meet up with My barbie slave and maid twat in New York City. I hope you boys are getting excited for all the sexy fun I have planned…
I’m talking gay for pay. Yep. barbie will do anything to keep Me happy and maid twat is such a pleaser I figured why the hell not? Looks like I will be restraining one of them to the bed while the other is instructed to slob the slave’s nob. I’ll just sit back and instruct. Laugh and instruct.

cumdump is already jealous. I can only picture the excitement on his face and the boner in his panties when he actually gets to pay for the clip I make of all the faggy fun.

My hotel is all booked and now all I need is some recommendations on where I should have these two fags take Me.

Oh yea and it’s all paid for by money bags… (except for all the expenses I am making the fags cover :P)

First installment for the trip. hahaha LOVIN IT! But the rest of you d-bags are still allowed to tribute towards My fun.


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One thought on “gay 4 pay

  1. i will soon make detail comments of every single Goddess Meggerz clip i bought and watched. But firstly i needed to state the obvious: i’ve been serving many beautiful Dommes so far and have bought hundreds of clips, endlessly stroking my otherwise useless excuse for a dick to them. Well, today i can safely say Goddess Meggerz clips are the most thrilling, mind blowing, mind screwing clips i ever watched. They make me incredibly weak, they make me drool, beg, obey, humiliate myself and pay. They make me want to turn gay ASAP and suck as many cock as possibly can. Now.

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