Money is My Middle Name

Limie loves Me, that’s a fact.

Rich Femdom

But I wasn’t too happy about that pending $999.00. I mean waking up to $500 is ok but a bit disappointing when I see that big PENDING tribute below it. So he made sure to make up for it. Than disappeared into the night.

how to make easy money

So I smiled today. Good boy Limie. Who else wants a happy Goddess?

I know Money Hunny does ;] He just shipped out My special little Visa. This way I am no longer limited to using his CC# on amazon. I can skip My happy ass into any store I want and put it on My bitch.  Will be more fun draining him when he least expects it and making him reload the card every time it’s dry.

Kendra is back and already face first back down that rabbit hole once again. My venmo is slowly rising and all meals off are on the slut. Hope the 24th works out, I really wanna fuck him in the ass and film it.

Cumdump just bought My new Macbook. You’re welcome whore. Add that to you’re next bill.

new mac

Oh and that black sting bikini is screaming your name. Pump your stump and anticipate the photos.

Georgie #2′s been fucking his asshole with BBC. I made a clip about it. 

Can’t wait for Shauna Ryanne to visit this weekend so #2 can call and get laughed at by 2 hot girls to continue his “therepy.” Bahahaha what a sucker. YOU’RE A FAG. btw- If you want a custom of Shauna and Myself shoot Me an email:

This is funny. I am post sex, hung over, un showered and he is drooling over My cam.

Pups dropped like $200 for some ped-cam ;] Shy as hell and loving it.

meggerz feet

A new drunky has stumbled his way into My life and is already in love. Who can say no to forced intox fun, right?

Old drunky forgets how much he actually spends Me so I keep taking more.

Jeez. This all happened in the past 2 days. I love My life. $3.5k + (recalculation!! add macbook) $6.7k and I really didn’t do shit but sit here. ;]


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