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“Just wanted to thank you again for such an honor and privilege, thank you goddess. Never would of thought nearly a year ago when I bought you a single item off your wishlist, that I’d end up giving you one of my cards to use whenever you want, plus that I’d spend over 10k on you in such a short amount of time. For that I thank you and who knows what else you have in mind for me for the future.” -Money Hunny

money power

Gotta love that nickname, shit tits. And speaking of nicknames, I’ve got a pretty sweet one from Tom, “PSNA”


Tom’s just another obsessed little fan I decided I’d make his night and meet up with. We did dinner with a drink in Union Square before meeting up with My sexy date for more drinks and tons of amazing sex. Mmmm

shauna ryanne in nyc

Sex and cuckolds… and to My new future husband (HAHA) I saw this the other night and instantly thought of you. I was out at some dive bar with Shauna Ryanne playing Jenga and just had to take a photo. Super fitting.


Cuckold hubbies pay for gifts. That’s $3k added to tuition.

So I must admit, I have been doing a lot more partying, playing, fucking, drinking, etc. since being in NYC. I’ve spent considerably less time online and more time blowing cash… but the funny thing is, the less time I devote to making money, the more money I make. I am cursed with being amazing. So if you want My attention you are most definitely going to have to fight for it, fight HARD for it.

Sarah Diavola & The Ninja Jason are coming up this weekend, if you want your customs, you know how to ask : PrincessMeggerz@yahoo.com

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