Great Expectations

Sarah Diavola was in town this weekend so I put email on the back burner.

meggerz sarah diavola

It’s tough when you’re friends with all the bartenders and don’t pay or wait for a thing. ;]

And below will see why email is not a priority of mine. Good boys earn easier ways to interact with me.

Princess Meggerz,

First off, I would love to say that I am not worthy. I want to serve you because I am a loser of a male that has no purpose in life and I’m begging you to give me one. I am a decently fit 21 year old with a girlfriend and usually shes the boss. I work 40 hours a week, making 13.00 per hour and im honestly not considering going back to school because id rather get a second job to support you, Princess. Please consider me as some type of slave.

Forever Underneath Your Royal Feet,

Future Slave Boy

Oh yes, this is exactly what I am looking for in a sub. One who is fit (because that matters) but broke and will be giving what little money he does make to his bossy girlfriend. There is so much here to benefit me that I can’t wait for us to form a relationship.

My name is Ky** ***en. I want to be owned. I want to be controlled I’ll give you my debit card info my social security info anything princess i don’t have the most money in the world but all I have I want to give to GOD!!!

He wants so much from me yet gave me nothing. He’s a keeper.

Goddess, I sent this to Your other email aswellm, PLEASE HELP!
Im a loser and I know it.
Im 20 and have NOT YET stopped femdom.
CAN YOU PLEASE give me an advice on how to stop Goddess?
I just got a gf and I want to get stuff together. Please?


The Tampa Recap

I’ve been attempting to write this post for oh I dont know, only about a week or so now – it’s about time, eh? Heh, who am I kidding? We all know the world revolves around Meggerz.

So. It was lovely visiting Florida.  Familiar faces + work-laxing for a couple of days = always enjoyable.  I’m actually headed back down to Florida again the very beginning of June but solely for the purpose of unwinding under the sun. As you know, a lady can never get bored of too much leisure.  ;]

Unfortunately, this past trip I only clocked in a few hours of pool time and with NYC still stuck in the mid 60’s that’s no bueno. My bikinis are missing me.


The majority of my time was wisely used staring into the viewfinder of my video camera or sipping down a sweaty glass of a Kettle Soda. Both usually at the same time. Not too shabby,. Nope, not at all.

And then there’s this bitch.


Fresh off the plane and already ready to get crunk.

Sarah is my booface. She knows it.


Sarah DiavolaJason Ninja, & Myself ready for some Karaoke… or not. If there is one thing I’m not blessed with in this world, it’s a singing voice. BTW- the ladies aren’t amused with your suave-esq smile Jason. 

Obligatory behind the scenes or ‘bts’ shot: Me shooting Sarah shooting Genesis stuffing her foot into Jason’s mouth, gagging the fuck out of him. I always did take pleasure in seeing him take a beating.

foot gagging bratty-foot-girls-clips

^ More proof that too much time was spent shooting.

Young Genesis, such little firecracker and truly reveling in each and every scene we shot. You need to check her out on my sister site – more clips to come soon.



Ah, and of course Amadahy. Sweet as sugar on ‘vanilla’ time yet really knows how to turn it on. Shot her together with her sub and the chemistry was bubblin hot, right over the edges. Cannot wait to release that scorcher on

Roxie and I forgot to snap any photos. I swear it happened.

I finally met Becky LeSabre. Once again, no photos but I swear, it did happen.

All in all I must conclude a great trip. Almost felt like fetcon. Which reminds me, I may not even be attending fetcon this year. I have a sure feeling that a trip to Greece with Mistress T would be sooooo more worth our while. Especially since it’s all on Cumdump’s dime. But you didn’t hear anything from me. At least not yet…

To be continued…

Fucking Florida!

Monday morning I leave for Tampa to see some of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.

Meggerz, Sarah Diavola, Scarlet Lush, Ninja Jason

And they are, in no particular order: Scarlet Lush, Jason of Bratty Foot Girls, and Sarah Diavola.

Can’t wait to see my little ‘saucy’ pony again, Roxie Rae.
meggerz and roxie rae

becky lesabre I’m also looking forward to finally meeting and shooting with Becky LeSabre

she owns your manhoodand quite possibly Lance Hart. So now’s the time to put your custom clip order in before it becomes too late. There are also plans to shoot with a few other local Tampa girls that I am taking *FREE* clip suggestions for but you’ll be shooting blind. If I like the story line I’ll pick a random brat to act it out for you.

No promises, no guarantees because I plan on relaxing pool side, soaking up as much sun as I possibly can. Living in Sarasota for 5 years spoiled me of the beach until I left for big city livin. Now I think I can once again appreciate what Florida has to offer… (yet somehow I feel like 4 days is waaaay more than enough.)

Act A Fool

So. I’ve taken a little time off. To relax and revive Myself.

With that being said, I can’t really be fucked to type about the $1k+ My little lover boy loves to spend on Me.

or Ouchie Poo’s $700 foot cam session where once again I made him bark til he was hoarse.


or muscle’s little binge

Every time I feel like My monthly goals arn’t going to be met I surprise Myself by surpassing them greatly. Can’t believe it’s already the 7th. Better step My goals up and My game ;]

So while I’m not here raping wallets I am out with the girls.

Sarah and I attempted to do a fetish party but had a mishap… yeah so. We attempted it. And took photos. RAWR


I had My already drunk (imagine that) financial intox sub come out from Hoboken and Alcoh-spoil MabelSarah DiAvola, and Myself. A sweet little barhop and some much needed girlie giggle time made My night.

This random dude thought he could shock us with that dildo. Asked us to pose for a photo and sign his shirt. Oh I love The City.

Mabe’s and I did brunch Sunday and met up with Maid Twat for yet another little paid for bar romp. It’s a hard life. Lemme tell you. We are headed out again this Friday. Who’s fighting for this bar tab? hahaha Stupid fools.

And Me, looking hot before meeting Mr Ludacris. Yes, see. I do like some of you black folk.

I need a vacation. Too much to do here.