Act A Fool

So. I’ve taken a little time off. To relax and revive Myself.

With that being said, I can’t really be fucked to type about the $1k+ My little lover boy loves to spend on Me.

or Ouchie Poo’s $700 foot cam session where once again I made him bark til he was hoarse.


or muscle’s little binge

Every time I feel like My monthly goals arn’t going to be met I surprise Myself by surpassing them greatly. Can’t believe it’s already the 7th. Better step My goals up and My game ;]

So while I’m not here raping wallets I am out with the girls.

Sarah and I attempted to do a fetish party but had a mishap… yeah so. We attempted it. And took photos. RAWR


I had My already drunk (imagine that) financial intox sub come out from Hoboken and Alcoh-spoil MabelSarah DiAvola, and Myself. A sweet little barhop and some much needed girlie giggle time made My night.

This random dude thought he could shock us with that dildo. Asked us to pose for a photo and sign his shirt. Oh I love The City.

Mabe’s and I did brunch Sunday and met up with Maid Twat for yet another little paid for bar romp. It’s a hard life. Lemme tell you. We are headed out again this Friday. Who’s fighting for this bar tab? hahaha Stupid fools.

And Me, looking hot before meeting Mr Ludacris. Yes, see. I do like some of you black folk.

I need a vacation. Too much to do here.

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