pooky and Princess

Got this one day a while ago, never read it. Someone read it and let Me know if I should waste My time on it.

Here is my fetish story Miss thank you for allowing me to send. Hope you enjoy

There is a 19 year old boy who has had a crush on this beautiful diva type girl for years but they are just`friends`. It could never be any more than that. She doesnt talk to him in a mean way but more in a patronizing, talking down to a cute little puppy or baby type of way. As if he is her best friend. If he ever upsets or disrespect her she throws a girly temper tantrum as she always MUST to have her own way. She likes to always be addressed as Princess by him and is very strict about this. Princess is very happy having a best friend him to talk to. She has a silly nickname for him which is pooky, She thinks its cute! Princess knows pooky has a crush on her but she just does not look at him in that way. How could she? He is her ickle pooky!:). As he is so special to her and one of her best friends she has  asked that he be in chastity for her as she is so fed up with guys just wanting sex so she would like pooky to prove how much he cares about princess by wearing it. she has strung him along for a few years. making pooky think if he does this for her and prove he is not like all the the asshole type guys she usually goes out with and has sex with then mabye one day he might have a chance to be more than a friend. (secretly she knows that will never happen and is completly manipulating him as she does not ever want to lose her pooky to some other girl who might show actual romantic intresest). The only place he is ever allowed to touch her is her feet (nowhere past the ankle). Princess loves her pooky giving her pedicures,  doing house work for her and holding her bags while they go shopping together as friends. If pooky has been good to her she will give me a treat. That is he will be allowed the privilege of actually kissing her feet. However they can only be peck type kisses the way you would kiss a friend on the cheek, she calls them `Princess kisses`.He is not allowed to get any saliva on her Princess toes and i must remember to say “thank you Princes” after each toe kiss.

 One day when pooky goes to visit his Princess, he finds her to be very happy and excited  to see him. He is excited too as once a month she lets him out of chastity and today is that day.  He asks her about being let out of chastity today like she promised she would once a month but she tells him to be queit bacause she does not have time for that nonsense right now. “i have more important actually very exciting news” she sais in a bit of an annoyed tone as that was all he had to think about when he saw her happy she was!. “look pooky  we will take the chastity belt off next month as i have some more important big exciting news to tell you and i know your going to be very happy for me” back to her excited tone, she asks pooky to take a knee and rub her feet so she can tell him all about it. She expects him to be as happy and excited as she this news as she is. The news is that she has a new boyfriend! She had  been dating him a while but are now officially together. His name is Andrew and she explains to pooky that he is really nice and he thinks the two of them would get on. She cant wait for pooky to meet him so that pooky can see how cute her boyfriend is for himself. She explains how he is different from all the other guys shes been with. He treats her with respect and is romantic and he makes her feel so submissive and girly to be around. shes never felt this way before but she may be falling in love with him. She reders to him as her Prince and when he comes round she would like pooky to treat her Prince with the same respect her treats her and address him as Sir.  Princess tells pooky that he should be very appreciative of Andrew for making her so happy and he should be happy for the both of them. She thinks a good way to break the ice is for pooky to give her Prince one of his special foot massages that he gives her because she thinks it will be fun! Also Princess explains to pooky that from now on because she has her boyfriend/Prince around she would like him to talk in a girly high pitched voice at all times as hes the only man in her life.

Pooky  is made to understand that failure to talk high pitched and girly or failure to address her as Princess or her boyfriend as Sir would cause Princess to have a temper tantrum x

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