If She said 1 MORE WEEK, I would’ve cried.

Chastity …

Orgasm in Chastity device

If She said 1 MORE WEEK, I would’ve cried.

Read the rest of Jay’s chastity blog.

It’s not long and obnoxiously borring. It’s just a bunch of humiliating self shot photos accompanied by even more painfully humiliating confession.  Oh and a few photos of yours truly which make it obvious as to why he couldn’t resist blowing early by rattling the cage, in turn forcing himself to have a ruined orgasm.  Jay claims that if I had let him relieve himself after it was unlocked he would have licked up his own cum. I know he’ll still lick up his cum when that key unlocks his penis prison because what sub of Mine can’t resist a little CEI?

The best part is that, due to the “blizzard” err flurry storm we received here in NYC, no mail was going out last Friday or Sat. So I guess tomorrow if I care to find a FedEx I will overnight the key. How many days have you really been locked up in that chastity device, huh Jay? ;]

Anywho. Enough of the pathetic virgin slave who spent about a grand on Me last month. Let’s move on to bigger and better.

Mabel came through to visit and shoot a few clips Friday. Nothing like shooting, getting drunk off wine, smoking a bowl, and passing out / embarrassing yourself  all in good company. Let’s just completely forget the part where I got the spins and assed out early.  Should check out her clips, she’s a fucking natural.

Mabel and Meg


My website is open, PayToObey.Me meaning My blog posts here will be cut short and completed inside My members area. *HINT*HINT* Along with clips, pics, and cam I see NO reason not to become a member.

OH and peen0r.

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