Friday’s Humiliating Fuckovers

Friday evenings are great nights to go out and party. But they are also great nights to sit at home and work over poor, pathetic loser’s wallets. And considering it’s been some time since I’ve actually sat down and wallet raped, I decided to do the latter.

Was a pretty hefty haul. Snap snap slave, being the open wallet that he always is, got an extended period of cam time with me. As if he needed this time. I snapchat him constantly for his generous tributes. Incase you’ve forgotten, he’s the one who has been in chastity for close to a year now. suffering through chastity

And speaking of chastity, I’ve got another sub who put a chastity cage on for the first time last night. It wasn’t the plastic tube either. It was the metal kind with the bars. His cock was literally a prisoner to me. Poor cock was oozing so much pre-cum and he kept licking it up, unconvinced it was really coming from him! Then he pulled out a butt plug, I didn’t even have to suggest it. Sucker for punishment? Yeah, I’d say so. It got to the point where he didn’t know whether to stroke it or flail his hands around in confusion and pain. I loved every moment of it. And of course I left him high and dry. If he couldn’t blow a little ruined orgasm, fuck em!

Cucky Sean disappointed me. I always rinse him good. This time he was too close to broke for my standards. Step it up, footbitch. Don’t make me dump you again.

And finally the last loser worth mentioning, Whisky John. Remember that one time I had you make out with the plunger? Probably not, you were so wasted. But I do!
Toilet slave on cam

The rest of you humiliation junkies waiting to go up on my wall of shame, keep waiting. I will get to it eventually.

Snap Snap’s Chastity Saga

I suppose if I knew his chastity would have lasted this long I’d have taken better documentation of snap snap’s agonizing journey. He’s been locked up for over 5 months now.  One month turned into two, turned into five, thousands and thousands of dollars later and here we are, actually achieving orgasm.

allowed permission to cum


If you go through my previous blogs you can easily find the posts where I mention snap snap if you care to see all the pics I’ve posted of his locked up cock… (which you’ll do cuz you’re either a curious momo or you’re jealous.)

Here’s a great one though, his disgusting dick was so gross and hairy I made him shave it. Where’s that vomit emoji when you need it?

And guess what!

It’s small too… of course it is.

shaving his locked up cock

So he came obviously and into a condom. Which he is going to freeze.

And then he locked up his cock again per my instruction (it’s all he knows at this point anyway) and my key will be in the mail tonight, right my little locked up slut? Btw, you missed a few hairs, can’t even shave correctly, can you? So sad.

cock is back in its cage

At least he made it somewhat entertaining for me. I lol’d like… once.

lost his chastity key



Snap “Cash”

Hello there. I’m doing just great.

findom holding cash

Puerto Rico was gorge. But unfortunately it rained a lot.

IMG_9569 IMG_9633 IMG_9718

The plan was to keep up what little tan I had gained in Thailand but the sun decided to play games with me (uhm… that’s my job). So a trip to DR is in the works for late June. It’s also a mini celebration / reward to myself for closing on another 4 family income property here in NYC. I’m the hottest slumlord I know.

So. Who wants to help fund this upcoming trip? There is only so much sun and so little clothing I can get away with on my roof top. I guess I can demand it from Cumdump but I want that little whore to come running to me, begging to pay.

I’m also planning a trip to out to the North West to visit Ceara Lynch late July. Hoping to throw a little Mistress T, Astro, Ellie Idol, Jasmine Mendez, and Mandy Flores into the mix. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Snapchat is really growing on me. I love getting hilariously hideous snaps from my guys. And I love teasing them not only with “My Story” but with personalized snaps and humiliating banter.

humiliated sub panty face

Just sold another pair of my disgustingly worn panties to the guy above. I even made a clip for him. You can buy it here.

Kendra has been doing a decent job keeping up with gift cards. Keeping my coffee game strong.
CgmCJYTWYAAwL5P Ciq0pNtWkAEsx29 sub begging for more abuse IMG_0132


I finally mailed back snap snap slave’s key. It’s been a whopping 5 months of chastity. Should have been longer but after paying thousands upon thousands of dollars, you gotta come at least once a year, right?IMG_0241

Buy snap snap’s chastity clip here.

 I haven’t properly chatted up my cumdump lately but one or two snaps later and I get this:


My balance was dipping quite low (around $1k) and I like to keep myself fully stocked so… Yeah.

All this done easily over Snapchat. I LOVE IT.


Oh and I have to share the best advice with everyone that I’ve gotten ever;



And while I was typing all the above, this $500 happened;


Order your custom clip instantly | Follow me on SnapChat


And… She’s Back!

Abroad Again


This will be the first year in about 5 that my cumdump hasn’t paid for my travels. Not that my whore has declined. The pig would never decline to pay for anything. You can reimburse me though, pig. Or upgrade the boy toy and myself to first class. I’ll be satisfied with that. 😉

I’m headed off to Tokyo and then down to Thailand late March through April. Won’t be my first rodeo in Thailand but Tokyo is going to get interesting I’m sure. My snap snap slave gets such a kick out of indirectly paying for this trip. It’s almost endearing every time he brings it up.

Humiliation Junkie

Faggy is on the up and up. I sent him a care package of girly items I had planned on trashing. Not a bad way to make some quick cash.

[s3video bucket=”” folder=”girly_clothes” autoplay=”false”]


Go check out Faggy’s Humiliation.
humiliation cam session
It’s selling pretty well considering it’s just a recording of a cam session.

The Chastity Life

I’ve written on chastity in the past and I can only begin imagine how painful it must be to willingly subject one’s cock to the confines of a metal cage… oh no, wait. I can’t. I don’t have a dick. I have absolutely no idea how painful penis imprisonment is. Nor do most men. But I get it. You need me to control your cock because I ultimately control YOU.
You can’t do anything without thinking of me first. Waking up in the morning and you’re reminded of me. That innocent glace at another women or even something as simple as a naughty thought and of course you’re right back to thinking about me. I fucking love it. So does my snap snap slave.

key holder

Beginning of February we decided to set a release goal.  I *think* that goal is $3000. I don’t even remember and I will probably up it once he reaches it. I *think* we’re at $1625. I get emails every time he tributes with his grand total. But like I said, my key holding fee will probably be going up because it can.


meggerz snapchat

His snaps are adorable. 😉 Buy my snapchat ID and you can play too.

The Cost of Key Holding

Imagine access to your cock denied for over 90 days.

key holding

With clips and snaps taunting you day and night.

tease and denial

Spending thousands of dollars for occasional acknowledgement and some used scraps of mine.

ass worship pov

And the need to release becoming so extreme that begging to cut off the lock is your only option… even after you’ve paid your release fee time and time again.

I’m not hard to please, I’m just very expensive.

my subs locked up cock

And I love it.