Friday’s Humiliating Fuckovers

Friday evenings are great nights to go out and party. But they are also great nights to sit at home and work over poor, pathetic loser’s wallets. And considering it’s been some time since I’ve actually sat down and wallet raped, I decided to do the latter.

Was a pretty hefty haul. Snap snap slave, being the open wallet that he always is, got an extended period of cam time with me. As if he needed this time. I snapchat him constantly for his generous tributes. Incase you’ve forgotten, he’s the one who has been in chastity for close to a year now. suffering through chastity

And speaking of chastity, I’ve got another sub who put a chastity cage on for the first time last night. It wasn’t the plastic tube either. It was the metal kind with the bars. His cock was literally a prisoner to me. Poor cock was oozing so much pre-cum and he kept licking it up, unconvinced it was really coming from him! Then he pulled out a butt plug, I didn’t even have to suggest it. Sucker for punishment? Yeah, I’d say so. It got to the point where he didn’t know whether to stroke it or flail his hands around in confusion and pain. I loved every moment of it. And of course I left him high and dry. If he couldn’t blow a little ruined orgasm, fuck em!

Cucky Sean disappointed me. I always rinse him good. This time he was too close to broke for my standards. Step it up, footbitch. Don’t make me dump you again.

And finally the last loser worth mentioning, Whisky John. Remember that one time I had you make out with the plunger? Probably not, you were so wasted. But I do!
Toilet slave on cam

The rest of you humiliation junkies waiting to go up on my wall of shame, keep waiting. I will get to it eventually.

Webcam Clowning

What do you get when you cross a ginger with a beer bottle?

I made him gay


A fagot.

Hardy har. Yeah unfortunately I was so busy laughing at him fucking his ass with a beer bottle, aiming his spunk toward his face that I forgot to take screen caps. Boo. Oh well, it was worth watching him lick it up.


And this one took a drunken shower in his own piss. First- drinks!  Then we pin his sac, burn that cock… he proceeds to recycle his waste by drinking his piss, and after pausing the cam but forgetting to mute the audio to THROW UP VERY LOUDLY, he takes a piss shower. Multiple times. Tis the season. Can’t wait til we do a real session.

webcam session


Friday I am getting together with Lindsey. Get your customs in or forever hold ya peace.

And if you’re wondering why I chose this photo then you donno Me very well.

lol #1, #2, #5 etc.

Another Shitty Victim


I play with my shit

Personal Toilet Bowl? Fucking EW
But if it’s your little heart desires it’s I’m going to give you. No you sicko, NOT mine!
Go grab a little doggie bowl and be sure to watch right before YOU have to take a juicy one. The raunchier the better.
And tell you what, I’ll be considerate enough to let you pretend to clean My ass- and then have a little fun. YUMMY
why do I have a shit fetish?
As I go through mail I keep finding more ;]
poop tastes good


But he just wanted My attention.

If you actually watch it you will catch the fun little surprise. Will be an Epic Month Of November. Wait til I post MzDevious and My screen caps of Our bikini rape this weekend!! hahaha