Webcam Clowning

What do you get when you cross a ginger with a beer bottle?

I made him gay


A fagot.

Hardy har. Yeah unfortunately I was so busy laughing at him fucking his ass with a beer bottle, aiming his spunk toward his face that I forgot to take screen caps. Boo. Oh well, it was worth watching him lick it up.


And this one took a drunken shower in his own piss. First- drinks!  Then we pin his sac, burn that cock… he proceeds to recycle his waste by drinking his piss, and after pausing the cam but forgetting to mute the audio to THROW UP VERY LOUDLY, he takes a piss shower. Multiple times. Tis the season. Can’t wait til we do a real session.

webcam session


Friday I am getting together with Lindsey. Get your customs in or forever hold ya peace.

And if you’re wondering why I chose this photo then you donno Me very well.

lol #1, #2, #5 etc.

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