Money – Chastity – Tits – Fuck You

Say hello to “Alice” – she was shamelessly unsexy, anxious, and stupidly fun to humiliate.

Plie! Plie! Now twirl!

Too bad she couldn’t cum with her clit locked up  in a chastity cage.  Although I don’t quite understand the concept of self administered chastity. If the locked holds their own key then the excitement in the risk is completely lost. But hey, for a quickie session with a newbie I couldn’t care less. So dance Alice! Dance! sissy in chastity sissy maid humiliated on cam

And just in case you are wondering, NO – she did not get to cum.

Blast from the past – Tit Addict. No idea what I used to call him and not going to bother looking.  I’ve got so much footage on this bitch squirting on his own face it’s beyond laughable. Oh, you don’t like humiliation, no? But you do like giving yourself a facial. Yeah, I totally get it…

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”500″ description=”” player=”5″ autoload=”false” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /]

Shall I post the rest? Don’t worry, the full clip is set to release in my members section on November 3rd. For everyones sake I hope Visa speeds up their approval process so we can ALL join in on the humiliation.

Piggie Justin better purchase those items off my wishlist before I assign them to another already willing and waiting pay pig. You’re not special pig, you only exist to me when you spend. You’re an open wallet who became too spoiled. I can easily let you go.

Tonight I was told  his heart was “beeping” so fast he couldn’t even masturbate. And asked, “would you like me to caress your farting ass-hole & your juicy pussy with my sharp pointed tongue and sucking lips?”  Oh the compliments I hear. And yes, I would love a rimjob from this:

My asshole sings for you, pointed tongue freak.

I am moving again. My internet connection here has been TERRIBLE and I shall be around much, much more often soon. I expect 2
Galle​rie D​écor Lido Sing​le-Dr​awer Acce​nt Tabl​e, Blac​k at MYHA​BIT and the Sunpa​n Mala​bar Chai​r, Blac​k at MYHA​BIT from my wishlist purchased. Should be as easy as using amazon to click and buy.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I was dressed as a dominatrix whore.

sexy meggerz

nigger humiliation

Tell me HOW THE HELL?!? do I run into nignog out in the city? His reaction to this photo, “Most vanilla pic of us recorded.”  Yeah talk about glowing vanilla and dark as fuck chocolate contrast. heh

Plus I LOVE THIS BITCH big “FUCK YOU” from Me and MY Princess Mabel. ;]

meggerz mabel

Chastity Slaves – Key Holding

As I look back on “30 Days of Chastity” I can only smirk to Myself and think, goddamn that was too easy!  Easy, amusing, and financially rewarding. I was holding onto this sub’s freedom to jerk, his right as a male and denied him that self pleasure. The frustration that built sent him through a array of emotion.  He also admitted that seeing My photos with his key even after the device was removed still caused him pain.


I was effortlessly able to extract a set fee from slave jay along with other “bargaining” tributes. I literally sat back as My locked up cock did everything I demanded for assurance that his key would be mailed back for release. And due to the weather, the postal service was down and poor jay was forced to jiggle his cage only to have a ruined orgasm.

Read jay’s dedication blog to Me.

I feel that every slave should at some point hand over the keys to his Mistress for a taste of all loss of control. There is nothing more one can take away from a man that he holds such strong ties to both physically and emotionally. It will surly test his commitment and his dedication to his Mistress.

Which is why I am auctioning off chastity keys.

This is experimental to test the waters in seeing how many of you boys want to and can fully commit to Me. If the response is decent I may make key holding an ongoing  ‘kink’ of Mine. We shall see.

If She said 1 MORE WEEK, I would’ve cried.

Chastity …

Orgasm in Chastity device

If She said 1 MORE WEEK, I would’ve cried.

Read the rest of Jay’s chastity blog.

It’s not long and obnoxiously borring. It’s just a bunch of humiliating self shot photos accompanied by even more painfully humiliating confession.  Oh and a few photos of yours truly which make it obvious as to why he couldn’t resist blowing early by rattling the cage, in turn forcing himself to have a ruined orgasm.  Jay claims that if I had let him relieve himself after it was unlocked he would have licked up his own cum. I know he’ll still lick up his cum when that key unlocks his penis prison because what sub of Mine can’t resist a little CEI?

The best part is that, due to the “blizzard” err flurry storm we received here in NYC, no mail was going out last Friday or Sat. So I guess tomorrow if I care to find a FedEx I will overnight the key. How many days have you really been locked up in that chastity device, huh Jay? ;]

Anywho. Enough of the pathetic virgin slave who spent about a grand on Me last month. Let’s move on to bigger and better.

Mabel came through to visit and shoot a few clips Friday. Nothing like shooting, getting drunk off wine, smoking a bowl, and passing out / embarrassing yourself  all in good company. Let’s just completely forget the part where I got the spins and assed out early.  Should check out her clips, she’s a fucking natural.

Mabel and Meg


My website is open, PayToObey.Me meaning My blog posts here will be cut short and completed inside My members area. *HINT*HINT* Along with clips, pics, and cam I see NO reason not to become a member.

OH and peen0r.

And With Me Everything Is Worth Suffering For

bikini chastity

Day 18, Friday January 25th

3 more days till Week 3. Ugggghhhh. You probably know this but all your CHASTITY CLIPS ARE BOMB. I must confess that I have googled ways to cum in chastitycum in chastity. So far, its possible through anal penetration and a vibrator. Some guys out there can achieve an orgasm just by shaking their cage (I have tried this numerous times, it doesn’t work!). The silver lining about chastity is that it allows me to live out all of my sexual fantasies such as CEI, SPH, sissification 24/7. It never dies out. The only way I can describe these days: “Hurts So Good”

Looks like I will have to teach jay about the prostate. Would be fun to hear about his orgasm and making him pay that release/cum fee.  SAME THING.

chastity key holding mistress

Two grown ass men with their cocks locked up. My little pets. All because of little ole Me. Little ole Me, holding the keys to two separate little loser cocks. There’s no escaping Me. Emergency release is useless when I have photos of your caged cock and your sad sorry face posing for Me. Your name and where you live. Google would easily destroy your life if I posted you. Don’t think I’d hesitate taking the fee AND ruining you. So vulnerable and pathetic.
And what if… OOPS! I dropped the keys in My cleavage. Common, fish it out, come touch. Let it grow. Feel the pain. The pressure. They agony.
*Strong usage of Blackmail*

Day 19, Friday January 26th

Sending this one early because I have absolutely nothing to do. Weekends are extremely difficult to endure. With additional leisure time, I have no choice but to reflect on my predicament. My dilemma. I want to cum but I CAN’T. My balls have grown to another level. They feel like giant beach balls but instead of air, they’re full of cum. I am also slowly losing my sanity obsessing over You. You have no idea how many times I creep on Your website every day. I can’t get You out of my thoughts.

I know I kiss ass a lot but who wouldn’t if their erections were controlled by someone else? Speaking of ass, YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE.



cum in chastity

Your cock is in My hands now. I know you CAN’T forget it.

And let’s all clap for Andreas. He tried to please Me. $250 in clips and these little cuts of devotion. woo fucking hoo. *bored*

cut for me


Big dick Jonathan keeps begging for a Vegas update so I guess I can do one. Tomorrow. IF and ONLY if cumdump follows through on his task. ;] SECRETS DON’T MAKE FRIENDS. But who needs friends when I have paypigs.

Waynie was destroyed tonight. D E S T R O Y E D

AND that is all.