Chastity Slaves – Key Holding

As I look back on “30 Days of Chastity” I can only smirk to Myself and think, goddamn that was too easy!  Easy, amusing, and financially rewarding. I was holding onto this sub’s freedom to jerk, his right as a male and denied him that self pleasure. The frustration that built sent him through a array of emotion.  He also admitted that seeing My photos with his key even after the device was removed still caused him pain.


I was effortlessly able to extract a set fee from slave jay along with other “bargaining” tributes. I literally sat back as My locked up cock did everything I demanded for assurance that his key would be mailed back for release. And due to the weather, the postal service was down and poor jay was forced to jiggle his cage only to have a ruined orgasm.

Read jay’s dedication blog to Me.

I feel that every slave should at some point hand over the keys to his Mistress for a taste of all loss of control. There is nothing more one can take away from a man that he holds such strong ties to both physically and emotionally. It will surly test his commitment and his dedication to his Mistress.

Which is why I am auctioning off chastity keys.

This is experimental to test the waters in seeing how many of you boys want to and can fully commit to Me. If the response is decent I may make key holding an ongoing  ‘kink’ of Mine. We shall see.

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