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When you’re away on vacation and your slave can’t help but snapchat + send random tribute after tribute yet still you ignore him.

IMG_8741 IMG_8747

It’s kind of adorable receiving so many screen shots of him being tortured by my clips. I almost love it. – Tell me again how close you are to your goal, snap snap bitch.

I don’t cam much but when I do, wallets cry. I literally was back to back to back last Tuesday evening killing it. I suppose I should cam more often but it’s hard to settle down and “work” when A. the cash already flows in with little to no effort and B. I have a very active social life. I guess some nights I can make an exception if the price is right.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 7.38.07 PM

blackmail sub on cam

“But I don’t love cock!” – he says with his mouth open and eager for my bbc.

cam sub craving cock

“Please let me suck it, Goddess.”

More idiocy:

stupid subs on cam

Faggy being stupid after fucking herself with icy hot. But we all know this one is a mindless whore.

PSA: If you think something is a bad idea, it’s a bad idea. Once you send it folks, you cannot unsend. “The More You Know…”



And after enduring all these photos of morons I will leave you with a hot photo of my ass.


Autofellatio – Fucking His Own Face

Valid Question: If you could suck your own cock, would you?

I received these photos a few weeks ago while in Vegas… and obviously there was no rush to either make envious and/or terrify every one of my blog readers.

if you could suck your own cock, would you?

If you could suck your own cock, would you?

sucking his own penis on webcam

I wonder what it tastes like…

But would you? Aside from how humiliating this idiot must feel now that I’ve posted him, if you could secretly fit your dick to your lips, would you blow yourself? Would you be proud of it and brag to anyone with a dick of their own? I’ve had guys attempt this great feat during a cam session yet never achieve it and genuinely look disappointed. It’s possible they were only upset they failed to amuse me but another part of me wonders if all you subs (closet faggot or not) out there really do dream about wrapping your lips around your own cock and sucking yourself into a cummie oblivion just the way you like it.

It’s not most of you haven’t already given yourself a cum facial as per my command but to actually suck it? To smell your own balls sweat and cock cheese. Ugh. I’m making myself sick.

Upon first glance at this freak I laughed. Not a true ‘lol’ but more of a snigger and almost as soon as I opened the image I was over it. But looking at it again I really want to vomit all over this guy. I hope he chokes on it.

Comment and tell me or better yet SHOW ME your opinion (and attempts) at giving this guy a run for his cock slobbering money. 

Money – Chastity – Tits – Fuck You

Say hello to “Alice” – she was shamelessly unsexy, anxious, and stupidly fun to humiliate.

Plie! Plie! Now twirl!

Too bad she couldn’t cum with her clit locked up  in a chastity cage.  Although I don’t quite understand the concept of self administered chastity. If the locked holds their own key then the excitement in the risk is completely lost. But hey, for a quickie session with a newbie I couldn’t care less. So dance Alice! Dance! sissy in chastity sissy maid humiliated on cam

And just in case you are wondering, NO – she did not get to cum.

Blast from the past – Tit Addict. No idea what I used to call him and not going to bother looking.  I’ve got so much footage on this bitch squirting on his own face it’s beyond laughable. Oh, you don’t like humiliation, no? But you do like giving yourself a facial. Yeah, I totally get it…

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”500″ description=”” player=”5″ autoload=”false” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /]

Shall I post the rest? Don’t worry, the full clip is set to release in my members section on November 3rd. For everyones sake I hope Visa speeds up their approval process so we can ALL join in on the humiliation.

Piggie Justin better purchase those items off my wishlist before I assign them to another already willing and waiting pay pig. You’re not special pig, you only exist to me when you spend. You’re an open wallet who became too spoiled. I can easily let you go.

Tonight I was told  his heart was “beeping” so fast he couldn’t even masturbate. And asked, “would you like me to caress your farting ass-hole & your juicy pussy with my sharp pointed tongue and sucking lips?”  Oh the compliments I hear. And yes, I would love a rimjob from this:

My asshole sings for you, pointed tongue freak.

I am moving again. My internet connection here has been TERRIBLE and I shall be around much, much more often soon. I expect 2
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I was dressed as a dominatrix whore.

sexy meggerz

nigger humiliation

Tell me HOW THE HELL?!? do I run into nignog out in the city? His reaction to this photo, “Most vanilla pic of us recorded.”  Yeah talk about glowing vanilla and dark as fuck chocolate contrast. heh

Plus I LOVE THIS BITCH big “FUCK YOU” from Me and MY Princess Mabel. ;]

meggerz mabel


Do any of you little bitches remember cumdump‘s website? you know, that swanky skanky, sexy totally whorish, bimbo tranny filled piece of art?

YEA, that one.

Well it looks like it will be coming back and in FULL FORCE! cumdump wants to be a little profiteering pigglet at My disposal. And of course I have no qualms with over a subby who wants to see the cash I earn and raise it 10fold.

So without further ado… cumdumps little back scratch of the night:

princess meggerz money mistresss

Making My grand total uh $5,709.82.

spoiled princess

Still I feel the urge to make you open your wallet and buy for Me. Why use My credits when the little wormie worms will do My bidding?

princess meggerz shrine

And for those of you who haven’t heard, CLIPVIA is where it’s at. uhm 90% on tributes. pfffft. Why bother spending anywhere else, WE keep all your cash.

Yea- you see. It’s easy to make more money there. Hate to preach but why jump on the band wagon when I can make 90% tribs and70% clip sales. MEH some of your chickitas are soooo desperate to be cool. ANY WHOOOOOODiddle. Average days sales. ;]

Back to Peru on the 4th of June… 10 days. I am too busy.

OH AND remind Me again, Phillip, why I am not posting  your sexy cumfuck vid. heh

Glory Hole Cock

Honey coated sugar sluts and encrusted bitches! I love My life. Really I do. Taxes will be a pain in My royal ass but I already know cumdump will be sending My bank transfer to pay the IRS off. Isn’t that right cockbait? Oh the good life! So why bother even thinking about right? Right. Instead let’s focus our attention onto JSpokane. Hard core pig dick sucking fanatic. Tonight I took him on a little adventure down to the ol’ glory hole. A glory hole is a hole in a wall, or other partition, often between public lavatory stalls or adult video arcade booths for people to engage in sexual activity or observe the person in the next cubicle while one or both parties masturbate.[1] The partition maintains anonymity. Pig opened wide and took a nice cock. How do I know this? I was watching the whole thing while he did a skype video with his iphone. His little friend blew a load down the back of JSpokane’s throat and then walked right out of the room!  What a used whore.

yea I know it’s hard to see.. First of all I was BEGGED not to show face, secondly the video quality in the recording sucked ass. But I saw it all with My own eyes.

I MADE PIGGY INTO A COCK SUCKING WHORE. The rest of you in training should be ashamed of yourselves you have practicing for so long and this little eager beaver comes out of no where and in no time cock sucks the rest of you right out of the water.

Of course once home I had to train him more fully on taking it up the cunt so W/we used a condom full of frozen cum and a dildo. I saved the money shot.

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