Do any of you little bitches remember cumdump‘s website? you know, that swanky skanky, sexy totally whorish, bimbo tranny filled piece of art?

YEA, that one.

Well it looks like it will be coming back and in FULL FORCE! cumdump wants to be a little profiteering pigglet at My disposal. And of course I have no qualms with over a subby who wants to see the cash I earn and raise it 10fold.

So without further ado… cumdumps little back scratch of the night:

princess meggerz money mistresss

Making My grand total uh $5,709.82.

spoiled princess

Still I feel the urge to make you open your wallet and buy for Me. Why use My credits when the little wormie worms will do My bidding?

princess meggerz shrine

And for those of you who haven’t heard, CLIPVIA is where it’s at. uhm 90% on tributes. pfffft. Why bother spending anywhere else, WE keep all your cash.

Yea- you see. It’s easy to make more money there. Hate to preach but why jump on the band wagon when I can make 90% tribs and70% clip sales. MEH some of your chickitas are soooo desperate to be cool. ANY WHOOOOOODiddle. Average days sales. ;]

Back to Peru on the 4th of June… 10 days. I am too busy.

OH AND remind Me again, Phillip, why I am not posting  your sexy cumfuck vid. heh

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