I dreamed being in a cage at the side of your bed nervous to wake you by making any little sound, you become very angry if I awoke before I’m ready too. That means if I was starving or need anything I must wait. As the sun rose on thursday morning I was tip toeing around in my cage and knocked over my water bowl…with fear in my eyes I turned to see if I awoke my mighty goddess Meggerz. With just a little sound like that I thought there could be no way you could have heard that. .. What a silly little fool I was! You DID!!!

Meggerz: “How dare you wake me!!”. As you place your gigantic feet on the floor, it felt like an earthquake has approached… you stand up before me, picked up my cage and dropped it on the floor. The top opens and I try to escape.

Meggerz: “Do you really think those tiny legs can out run me”? Hahahaahahaha you slam your foot down in front of me and asked.

Meggerz: “Where do you think you are going little shadi”? “Apologize now for waking me up from my beauty rest!” Before I got to speak it was too late and you felt my bones crushing beneath your feet!!!!

Your Tiny Slave: Shadi

giantess meggerz

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