Well there could have been a juicy post full of hypnotic pics but instead I spent My night last night directing cumdump on where to shop for My Christian Louboutins, what to buy off amazon, and then describing the posh hotel he is paying for when I hit NYC in late feb.

Right My little cock craving fiend!?

So I am going to be in NYC late feb, hooking up with 2 subs of Mine. If you are going to be around and wanna be a third, hit Me up. Only requirement is ca$h.

Princess Vikki is also looking to come down to the city and party up with Me. Which one of you little shits is going to pay for her flight? I know there are a few of you out there trying to impress Me and this would really boost your rankings in My little loser lounge. haha Email Me.

And speaking of Vikki, We have another epic Ultra adventure planned for March. The room is $699 a night. Wallets will open.

Meggerz bites Ass

The view from where We stayed last year, and We’re staying again this… Yea I took that.

Princess Vikki and I will be in the Tampa area late March, wanna session? Email Me. And then We will be road tripping it, top down, in My M3 to Miami! Oh yeah!

Hehe and tons more wishlist boy action. I bet you are close to 3 grand now, huh?

I’ve got a spicy post about My barbie slave, one whom I am meeting up with in the city… which will hopefully be up tonight. If I find the time. ;]

I get what I want

Now that I have a little wishlist bitch, buying at My desecration, I might as well add everyday items to My list… such as toilet paper, food, paper towels etc. Why should I waste My time and energy shopping for every day necessities? I will leave the frivolous items for special boys to buy and the household shit will be bought up by all you losers. Yes, how fucking humiliating buying My everyday shit from amazon.  you aren’t even worthy of spoiling Me, you just buy random ‘grocery’ items. That’s all you are good for.

The first shipment from wishlist bitch:

3 sexy little numbers. Love em. Lots more on the way.

And a little fun from this past Sat. Kinky Xmas

No fucking idea who anyone is but the chick in blue! hahaha waiting for the pic to be posted where I almost knocked the tree over. ;]

The cumdump came through on My tv last week. I am so stupidly spoiled I havent even set it up yet. Any normal person would have had this up and running within minutes of arriving. Me, I can wait. The 46 or so inch in My bedroom has been keeping Me occupied.

Been spending too much time putting together My goals and less time tending to you fools. Oh boo hoo. Looks like all My blackmail vid bitches get a few more days of freedom. Dooms day is right around the corner.

Oh and I want My store hit the top. BUY BUY BUY!

Too Much More to Cum

Hi there, I would like to re-introduce Myself.

I am, what a lot of other girls like to refer to themselves as, a Financial Dominatrix. I would also best describe Myself as a Humiliatrix although I don’t see much difference between the two. Financially raping a paypig is as humiliating as charging a puppet to perform on cam.
Being highly skilled in the art of properly degrading a well established, financially endowed “man” isn’t something most of us can successfully accomplish.
Nor is taking the average joe for all he is worth.

cash fetish

But I can.

I went on a little 3k shopping spree on amazon and bought a some high priced items. Although I do like seeing the number of purchased items add up I am really not one to go nuts on anything less then $100. All those chickadees with 1k $5 items really make Me wanna… smile. Yes, smile.

So I commanded one of Mine to help refill the balance. It will be back to 5k promptly.

Princess meggerz takes your cash

Uhm. yes.

you are broke

I need more to want! =]

And shadi shabookiefool is back with his giantess collages. Personally My fav are the blood, guts, and gore but seeing My perfect peds smash the world to smithereens always produces a smug little grin.


Looks almost like bullet holes… except for the bottom one, I can see the arched back of a woman… like her soul is being sucked out into My foot. The other 2 look like they are being fucked, I guess by Me.

Just ask philip. I suck souls.

And what a deliciously wicked combinationsuck it

The balls are the size of coconuts.

you are sucking


AK tymeggerz, justinpiggy, and sissyslutfag KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.

Spoiled Rich Bitch

Wayniepoo went on a spending bender the other night. $500 worth of heels, a pair of Nike’s, toe ring, flip flips AND socks galore! He has to be #1 best foot boi in My book. Pat yourself on the back capn’t you’ve won My trashed flipflops, wining My foot dust, and I am going to throw you in a pair of worn socks for being such a super spender.

Another pair Wayniepoo bought a few days ago. I am in love with Nike’s Lunar line. Sooo comfy. Sorry Shoxbois. But I will have a pair of shox going up for auction soon. And speaking of Shoxbois, one of My little peons dropped about $400 on some over priced shox clips and then another $150 on My Victorias Secret order. This is only partial. I hate how they back order shit meh.

More goodies! And lots and lots of girls best friend… DIAMONDS!

So why am I posting all this material crap? CUZ I CAN and I WILL and I LOVE ME!
VEGAS IN A WEEK!!!! Hoping to meet up with Miss Sweetfeet, Quee Leah, and Princess Rene for a drink. =]
Be jealous.

Princess Vikki and I already have 2 subs lined up for real time sessions. One is just going to be our complete bitch begging to do ANYTHING We want whilst gracing his presence in clips. The other is going to take Us out in Boston or NYC for the day, spend spend spend and hand Us wads of cash. I would ask if anyone else want’s to get in on this deal of a lifetime but I don’t even know if We will have any time for the rest of you. Poor fucks.