Well there could have been a juicy post full of hypnotic pics but instead I spent My night last night directing cumdump on where to shop for My Christian Louboutins, what to buy off amazon, and then describing the posh hotel he is paying for when I hit NYC in late feb.

Right My little cock craving fiend!?

So I am going to be in NYC late feb, hooking up with 2 subs of Mine. If you are going to be around and wanna be a third, hit Me up. Only requirement is ca$h.

Princess Vikki is also looking to come down to the city and party up with Me. Which one of you little shits is going to pay for her flight? I know there are a few of you out there trying to impress Me and this would really boost your rankings in My little loser lounge. haha Email Me.

And speaking of Vikki, We have another epic Ultra adventure planned for March. The room is $699 a night. Wallets will open.

Meggerz bites Ass

The view from where We stayed last year, and We’re staying again this… Yea I took that.

Princess Vikki and I will be in the Tampa area late March, wanna session? Email Me. And then We will be road tripping it, top down, in My M3 to Miami! Oh yeah!

Hehe and tons more wishlist boy action. I bet you are close to 3 grand now, huh?

I’ve got a spicy post about My barbie slave, one whom I am meeting up with in the city… which will hopefully be up tonight. If I find the time. ;]

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