Hey Big Tits

This made me horny. My panties are swamped. Like Niagara fucking Falls. How bout you ‘cum’ on over Dave and lick em clean, hmm..?

hey big tits, u should just do a clip where u actually pretend to ride.

maybe even show those tits of urs ffs, and I think ive seen u irl too which makes
the thought of getting a ride by u even hotter

my 4 inch penis would glaze u like a donut xxx

Humiliated Sluts

But now let us come back down to reality. Because ass worshipping sissies ARE a real thing. They may be fat as fuck, hairy, and clueless but they do pay decent money to dress up and play with their baby butter.


Honestly, I wish the photo had saved correctly. I wanted to compare our asses. Mine and hers. But alas, mine is cut out of the gif. It’s pretty obvious who would have been voted best ass. My perky bubble bum blows tubbo’s pancake out of the water. I know so because it brings in the big bucks. And then we pan up to the tits. Anyone notice anything peculiar with the way her bikini top is tied?


This is how you wear a bikini top. Learn, practice, and impress me next time.

Oh and Josh Turner’s debut clip is about to drop in my members area within the next few minutes. Don’t wanna miss this!


Money – Chastity – Tits – Fuck You

Say hello to “Alice” – she was shamelessly unsexy, anxious, and stupidly fun to humiliate.

Plie! Plie! Now twirl!

Too bad she couldn’t cum with her clit locked up  in a chastity cage.  Although I don’t quite understand the concept of self administered chastity. If the locked holds their own key then the excitement in the risk is completely lost. But hey, for a quickie session with a newbie I couldn’t care less. So dance Alice! Dance! sissy in chastity sissy maid humiliated on cam

And just in case you are wondering, NO – she did not get to cum.

Blast from the past – Tit Addict. No idea what I used to call him and not going to bother looking.  I’ve got so much footage on this bitch squirting on his own face it’s beyond laughable. Oh, you don’t like humiliation, no? But you do like giving yourself a facial. Yeah, I totally get it…

[hana-flv-player video=”http://meggerz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/titbitch.flv” width=”500″ description=”” player=”5″ autoload=”false” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /]

Shall I post the rest? Don’t worry, the full clip is set to release in my members section on November 3rd. For everyones sake I hope Visa speeds up their approval process so we can ALL join in on the humiliation.

Piggie Justin better purchase those items off my wishlist before I assign them to another already willing and waiting pay pig. You’re not special pig, you only exist to me when you spend. You’re an open wallet who became too spoiled. I can easily let you go.

Tonight I was told  his heart was “beeping” so fast he couldn’t even masturbate. And asked, “would you like me to caress your farting ass-hole & your juicy pussy with my sharp pointed tongue and sucking lips?”  Oh the compliments I hear. And yes, I would love a rimjob from this:

My asshole sings for you, pointed tongue freak.

I am moving again. My internet connection here has been TERRIBLE and I shall be around much, much more often soon. I expect 2
Galle​rie D​écor Lido Sing​le-Dr​awer Acce​nt Tabl​e, Blac​k at MYHA​BIT and the Sunpa​n Mala​bar Chai​r, Blac​k at MYHA​BIT from my wishlist purchased. Should be as easy as using amazon to click and buy.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I was dressed as a dominatrix whore.

sexy meggerz

nigger humiliation

Tell me HOW THE HELL?!? do I run into nignog out in the city? His reaction to this photo, “Most vanilla pic of us recorded.”  Yeah talk about glowing vanilla and dark as fuck chocolate contrast. heh

Plus I LOVE THIS BITCH big “FUCK YOU” from Me and MY Princess Mabel. ;]

meggerz mabel

Neverending Flow of Gifts

Limie, OH Limie. The wishlist was cleared. That was a first. Can you believe it? I’ve been around for so many years and yet never had my list wiped completely clean. Possibly because it was always so full… but nonetheless, it was completely emptied. The PO Box insanity is just now beginning to come to an end.

findom po box

Only half of the haul.

So let me share a select favorite. New cam. Photos taken with my new fisheye lense.

Amazing cam

fuck you tits fisheye

big tits

And then there was the tributing. The cold hard cash. It’s been a whirlwind of mindfuck this month. Just ask Piggy Justin. His head cock is going to explode after he see’s this.

[hana-flv-player video=”http://www.meggerz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/justin1.flv” ” description=”” player=”6″ autoload=”false” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /]

You can watch it here for better quality.

Clear it, pig. SNAP SNAP

The rest of you are encouraged to follow suit. Oh and join my site.