Humiliated Sluts

But now let us come back down to reality. Because ass worshipping sissies ARE a real thing. They may be fat as fuck, hairy, and clueless but they do pay decent money to dress up and play with their baby butter.


Honestly, I wish the photo had saved correctly. I wanted to compare our asses. Mine and hers. But alas, mine is cut out of the gif. It’s pretty obvious who would have been voted best ass. My perky bubble bum blows tubbo’s pancake out of the water. I know so because it brings in the big bucks. And then we pan up to the tits. Anyone notice anything peculiar with the way her bikini top is tied?


This is how you wear a bikini top. Learn, practice, and impress me next time.

Oh and Josh Turner’s debut clip is about to drop in my members area within the next few minutes. Don’t wanna miss this!