Fat Wads Of Cash

This is a nice ass.

bubble butt


This is not.losers-fat-ass

This ass is disgusting and so we’re putting chunko on a diet. He’s a cook that obviously doesn’t know much about portion control and I’m going to fix that. Tubby will only be allowed to eat what he cooks while AT WORK, with a severe restriction in calories in order to drop that pudge. You have 30 days to plump up that ass and lose the love handles or else I’m taking my ass away from you.  And in return, every penny saved from no longer needing to purchasing food will go to tributing me and my ass. Aug 6th or else…


In other news, snap snap slave has convinced me that money does in fact grow on trees. He claimed he needed to ask his parents for more money yet somehow managed to blow tribute after tribute and is still begging me to take more.

Cumdump is a “wanna be” cock sucker. The whore craves exposure but knows he isn’t ready. Keep practicing pig, I can’t wait to post you with a cock down your throat while you pay me $100 for every RT.

Oh I love my life and I love my pigs’ money.

meggerz hot



Humiliated Sluts

But now let us come back down to reality. Because ass worshipping sissies ARE a real thing. They may be fat as fuck, hairy, and clueless but they do pay decent money to dress up and play with their baby butter.


Honestly, I wish the photo had saved correctly. I wanted to compare our asses. Mine and hers. But alas, mine is cut out of the gif. It’s pretty obvious who would have been voted best ass. My perky bubble bum blows tubbo’s pancake out of the water. I know so because it brings in the big bucks. And then we pan up to the tits. Anyone notice anything peculiar with the way her bikini top is tied?


This is how you wear a bikini top. Learn, practice, and impress me next time.

Oh and Josh Turner’s debut clip is about to drop in my members area within the next few minutes. Don’t wanna miss this!



you love Me

you love Me. I hate you. you want to jerk to Me. I deny you. It’s not about you. It’s about Me. My wants and desires. you just come along for My wild ride and give to Me as I demand. My ass, My tits, My powerful mind are all perks to your role as My bitch.
Concentrate on Me Mind Fuck

Concentrate on My breasts and listen as I fuck your mind. HYPNOSlS by My breasts.

Beg To Serve Me

My time is precious and you are just another lowly piece of filth to Me. So you will earn your keep. you will beg Me to accept tribute from you. And you will beg Me to allow you serve Me. In fact, you will be down on all 4’s while In My presence like the animaI that you are.

Smothered By Ass

My ass looks so big, bubbly, and most importantly gigantic to the tiny little man I discover. And being the playful giantess that I am, I like to toy with My little finds. A couple of licks to see how tasty you are. A quick stuff into My cleavage to tease you. But no, I am not satisfied until I hear you scream from under My ass until I decide when to end it all.

Garage Bitch

you, in the garage locked up tight. Cucked and caged. you can’t stroke it not because the cage is too small but because I have your cock locked up too. I love bringing men home from after My nights out while We walk past your whimpering ass into the house. Oh and did I mention I love making you lap up My spit and sniffing My ass? hehe
Be warned. I kick the cage a few times towards the end and it is LOUD

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