Quickie Update-
New Caged Cuck Clip
Teased, taunted, and humiliated. The luckiest cuckold alive. I love sex and make it a daily occurrence, which in turn for you means you get something to listen to and dream of. No room in that little cage to touch your tiny weewee but if you’re lucky I’ll let some of our post sex drip from Me into the cage. Now fuck you slave, I’m going to pleasure Myself and make you listen.

My new ebanned auction. Cuckie Cum soaked CreamPie Panties!


It’s so hard being Me

Last night was classic!

We came home after dropping almost $100 at Outback, (mmm I had filet mignon St Paddys and filet mignon with grilled shrimp last night… drool..) and I had to turn away bois begging to pay!

Cuckold bitch paid for dinner, all I ever have to do is just send him the receipt and poof-done. Then I’ve got loser andrew begging for some stupid pic and to pay off bar tabs.Yes andrew, your a fucking loser.  All the while talking on cam with some new little drunk guy… watching him pay $100 a shot. you still have an outstanding payment request too new guy, go fill it ;]

OH not to mention 2 love struck puppies emptying out their NiteFlirt account balance on Me without even having to lift a finger.

One easy grand and some change in all under 3 hours. Get Me while I’m hot bitches!

Swish Swash Nutty Cum

So I’m going to be in Daytona this weekend, kicking some Slave Andy ball sacs. Should be fun. Totally looking forward to wailing on his nutz. ;]

But he won’t be and isn’t the first little slave fuck to be added to My clips store. I’ve mentioned My little cuckold bitch before and have finally took the time to edit and upload one of the clips I used him for. FYI- this ain’t melted butter or apple juice. The REAL DEAL. Nothing bubbles like real nut and let’s just say he makes some pretty impressive swishy swashy bubbliez with Master Matties cum. -Makes Me think of that little blast from the past, CumWhipper. HA

cuckold condom licker

I don’t really care to dick around and edit free videos but I did promise.  It’s that [used to be good for but now is a] time wasting wanker MegzSlutInTraining. He saved up his cash and begged for it. mmm Kitty Litter makes Me hot.

And CUMDUMP– just to see if you are fucking paying attention and practicing, COMMENT ME and I will send you another pic for your studies.