Swish Swash Nutty Cum

So I’m going to be in Daytona this weekend, kicking some Slave Andy ball sacs. Should be fun. Totally looking forward to wailing on his nutz. ;]

But he won’t be and isn’t the first little slave fuck to be added to My clips store. I’ve mentioned My little cuckold bitch before and have finally took the time to edit and upload one of the clips I used him for. FYI- this ain’t melted butter or apple juice. The REAL DEAL. Nothing bubbles like real nut and let’s just say he makes some pretty impressive swishy swashy bubbliez with Master Matties cum. -Makes Me think of that little blast from the past, CumWhipper. HA

cuckold condom licker

I don’t really care to dick around and edit free videos but I did promise.  It’s that [used to be good for but now is a] time wasting wanker MegzSlutInTraining. He saved up his cash and begged for it. mmm Kitty Litter makes Me hot.

And CUMDUMP– just to see if you are fucking paying attention and practicing, COMMENT ME and I will send you another pic for your studies.

8 thoughts on “Swish Swash Nutty Cum

    • Undecided if the music is more offputting than the kittylitter eating psycho yet both are agreeably disturbing. After he blew his load he told Me how disgusted and ashamed he was. I am god.

      • Should i appologize now now for digging the music? i’m sorry, European freak and all that, doesnt distrub me at all, unless You insist of course, then i hate it. i do like his enthousiasm in a sick kinda way, i emphasize, and the wall decorations for comic relief between the horror and amazement. You are absolutely stunning throughout Princess Meggerz ad You are in Your profile pic and probably always for that mater. My absolute favorite part is at the end when You speak. Your voice is Divine. You must be God. Your will be done

          • i cant say i don’t understand how they do stupid things…
            i really do understand..
            iam in a country that CC is not used a lot in it ,i got one just to buy Your clips,and believe me(as if i can lie on You ) more than 6 years surfing Mistress’s sites i never paid till the day i came by Your site,You changed that..
            The 2nd step will be 2 talk with You and send cash but iam still afraid to do that..

          • yes Princess ,iam way overdue but without talking with You i find myself doing stupid things while following Your order’s in video’s.
            iam sure if i talked with You i will be out of control because of that iam afraid ,i don’t want to end up with something like the video in the post, in my society that is the worst thing,in other hands i like to do stupid things for You and hear Your laugh on me doing stupid things…
            iam in a conflict

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