Cuckolding PLUS Exhibitionism is My Thing

Truthfully I can’t wait to write a big ol’ pic heavy blog about Vegas but for the time being I’ll keep it short, simple, and just as sweet as me.

It’s no secret I’ve (finally after 3 years) begun dating someone somewhat seriously again. Cuckolds rejoice, right?

meggerz goofy

Above was a candid photo sent to him in between shooting clips for you submissives. I’m uber sexy. I know it. Cross eyed and all. I’m only sharing this bit of info because I find dating him even hotter knowing we both get turned on making our sexual interactions public. So maybe I’m not so much cuckolding as I am being an exhibitionist… but it’s an even bigger turn on watching you drool and sacrifice to please / pleasure us.

meggerz hot

Another shot for him, shared with you. Shall I continue? I think so. I’m almost dripping writing this.

meggerz boobs

I’m doing this for us. For me. Because it’s the only way I am programed to function. My rules, my pleasure, my life. This is a selfish post but than again, they all are.

So if you want to be apart of this, of me & of my life, you will contribute. You will send cash for dates and spoil us. This is only a fraction of what I expect and what we’ve already received.

IMG_2670 IMG_2671

Ignore this opportunity and it’s only you that’s missing out. I could care less. It’s you who need us. It’s your new purpose. Your new life.

To new beginnings! To him and to me and to you… finally privy of something greater than yourself.

A Cuckold’s Role In My Relationships

Let’s all face it, there is nothing hard about being a cuckold. Except maybe your cock.

meggerz kissing boyfriend for cuckold

The ex – he wasn’t living up to my standards either. Ha.

Cumdump is an excellent example of selfless and obedient. Whore knows only to do as told. It’s not only hot being used by me but it’s even hotter obeying without hesitation. I snap, whore jumps, and than thanks me for being used. I am not complimenting this cuckold. This is not praise. This is EXPECTED.

So what is it exactly that I’ve got Cumdump all hot & bothered / weak & brainless about? Nothing exceptionally huge at the moment. Just the very small task of cleaning off my Amazon wishlist whenever I see something I may want to fuck one of my men in. Amazon has the absolute WORST selection of quality lingerie though. I’ve have however found a few new and expensive sites I want my cuckold whore to start using.

– Oh and I haven’t forgotten about those photos. We both know the weekend is prime time for my social life. I understand you have no life but either way I was busy – you will wait. 

lingerie from cuckold

Cute outfit from Cumdump

My CuckBFSean is another one I’ve got wrapped around my little finger… errr I mean toe. Something so humiliating about me putting in his place at my feet. His heart melts yet his cock has no trouble rising to the occasion. And once under my feet he’s a little spending machine. We’ve discussed having my airfare paid for, for a week in the UK, picking up hot English men at the bars. CuckBFSean would play the role of the wingman, attempting to help me score the hottest alpha male in the bar knowing he would be responsible for our amusement and our tab. Possibly later I’d chain him to the radiator, blindfolded and in chastity, allowing him to only listen to us fuck.

And funny how as I am writing this an inferior black cuckold msgs me out of the blue with tribute, begging to worship the master race. Asking very politely to be able to fund my superior relationships while imagining being at my feet while I make love to a white man. It’s going to take a lot of cash, sweat, and tears for that to happen.


Ebanned Auction Re List & Cumdump’s New Life Purpose

I really don’t care if you plan on paying for this or not because well, you’re not. My stupid sucker is. So bid it up. HIGH.

This is the 3rd re list and I want to make it worth My while. I mean, common, logging back into ebanned and clicking the “relist” button is a lot of hard work and quite frankly I want to be rewarded for My efforts.


Oh and everyone clap for Cumdump. Who was once only a cock whore is now a full blown cuckold cock fiend. This lowly piece of shit now has a new purpose in life:  To keep Me looking good for all My swanky sex flings.

“In fact, I need to continue to add small accessories to the wishlist for the whore to purchase.”

Cumdump’s purpose in life

“That way, each date, flirt, occasional fling I encounter I will have a little piece of you to accent it. Nothing like the cuck whore keeping Me hot and in style whilst dreaming of the dick I might let him suck, My left overs, My sloppy seconds. Really, whore.”

So no one buy anything off My wishlist with the whore’s name next to it. That’s his special date responsibility. ;]

Cuckolds and Piss – What a Combo.

cuckie fuck

Thanks for the condoms loser. Will be sure NOT to think of you even once while being pleasured by the cock wrapped up in em.

I have a smoking hot set I could sell on NiteFlirt… Or just give to the chosen few who have reached deep into their pocket lately to support My spending habit.  Vile piss piggie already got a few. ER- Oh I mean cumdump.  We’ve graduated into new lows lately. Now that all holes are filled with phallic shaped stuffing devices we’ve moved onto something harder to admit then just being a cock fueled faggot. Pisskey cheers!