A Cuckold’s Role In My Relationships

Let’s all face it, there is nothing hard about being a cuckold. Except maybe your cock.

meggerz kissing boyfriend for cuckold

The ex – he wasn’t living up to my standards either. Ha.

Cumdump is an excellent example of selfless and obedient. Whore knows only to do as told. It’s not only hot being used by me but it’s even hotter obeying without hesitation. I snap, whore jumps, and than thanks me for being used. I am not complimenting this cuckold. This is not praise. This is EXPECTED.

So what is it exactly that I’ve got Cumdump all hot & bothered / weak & brainless about? Nothing exceptionally huge at the moment. Just the very small task of cleaning off my Amazon wishlist whenever I see something I may want to fuck one of my men in. Amazon has the absolute WORST selection of quality lingerie though. I’ve have however found a few new and expensive sites I want my cuckold whore to start using.

– Oh and I haven’t forgotten about those photos. We both know the weekend is prime time for my social life. I understand you have no life but either way I was busy – you will wait. 

lingerie from cuckold

Cute outfit from Cumdump

My CuckBFSean is another one I’ve got wrapped around my little finger… errr I mean toe. Something so humiliating about me putting in his place at my feet. His heart melts yet his cock has no trouble rising to the occasion. And once under my feet he’s a little spending machine. We’ve discussed having my airfare paid for, for a week in the UK, picking up hot English men at the bars. CuckBFSean would play the role of the wingman, attempting to help me score the hottest alpha male in the bar knowing he would be responsible for our amusement and our tab. Possibly later I’d chain him to the radiator, blindfolded and in chastity, allowing him to only listen to us fuck.

And funny how as I am writing this an inferior black cuckold msgs me out of the blue with tribute, begging to worship the master race. Asking very politely to be able to fund my superior relationships while imagining being at my feet while I make love to a white man. It’s going to take a lot of cash, sweat, and tears for that to happen.


14 thoughts on “A Cuckold’s Role In My Relationships

  1. Princess Meggerz, something about you mentioning anything to do with cuckold makes me very weak at the knees which is an obvious statement. You have always been the best domme for this fetish, I think the reason for that is that it shows that you obviously get so much enjoyment out of it. I know that I sometimes try to act alpha and fantasize about being the real boyfriend. However I think this is part of the fun because you can easily flip me around into being your little cuckie loser. Your feet, your voice and your seductive persuasive attitude do something to me that I cannot explain. Being Princess Meggerz cuckie bf is better than being a real boyfriend. I look forward to exploring our relationship further

  2. i take advantage of the hours i wait on line to read your posts and meditate on your pics and think about me as your cuckold and cocksucker

  3. I would like to – metaphorically – pay tribute to Cumpdump for the dedication, consistancy and loyalty he has shown, serving Goddess Meggerz, year after year after year. Bravo! I envy you man.

  4. Seeing that headline picture of you and your ex brings out so many mixed and confused emotions in me. On one hand I envy him and other guys who have been in that position so much. It makes me very sad to know that I could never ever be in that position. Then at the same time, I think about how lucky so many of us cucks are that you give us the chance to be your cuckold and how generous you are for doing it. Looking at that picture makes me feel jealos, sad, humiliated, happy, excited and degraded all in one.

    The cuckolds mind. It is a confusing one!

  5. I am so jealous of the above two slaves. I have been hypnotized, literally addicted to this Goddess for over a year. I have been achingly desperate to meet Her, and to serve Her so that i might have a place in Her perfect life. I got a couple emails saying i might have a chance but no further instructions. Feeling helpless and frustrated, willing to give up all freedom, what do i now?

  6. I absolutely can’t resist – I am a 26 year old pathetic loser from Manhattan begging to take you shopping…

    please let me know when we speak and when i can be locked up and exclusively serve you

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