Ebanned Auction Re List & Cumdump’s New Life Purpose

I really don’t care if you plan on paying for this or not because well, you’re not. My stupid sucker is. So bid it up. HIGH.

This is the 3rd re list and I want to make it worth My while. I mean, common, logging back into ebanned and clicking the “relist” button is a lot of hard work and quite frankly I want to be rewarded for My efforts.


Oh and everyone clap for Cumdump. Who was once only a cock whore is now a full blown cuckold cock fiend. This lowly piece of shit now has a new purpose in life:  To keep Me looking good for all My swanky sex flings.

“In fact, I need to continue to add small accessories to the wishlist for the whore to purchase.”

Cumdump’s purpose in life

“That way, each date, flirt, occasional fling I encounter I will have a little piece of you to accent it. Nothing like the cuck whore keeping Me hot and in style whilst dreaming of the dick I might let him suck, My left overs, My sloppy seconds. Really, whore.”

So no one buy anything off My wishlist with the whore’s name next to it. That’s his special date responsibility. ;]

Wallet Raping = Expected

Made a KILLING off Niteflirt yesterday… It all started out with a $2 pay to view mail which turned into, for a lot of you suckers, a pretty big wallet thrashing.
So while I am at it, lemme go ahead and show you clip addicts what you’re missing;

More clips can be found HERE > http://youwillpay.me/

Tits on Top (HOTTTT)

imagine me fucking you

This is exactly what it would be like if I were on top. Teasing and grinding on you. Except I’m not on top of you. Nor am I intending on giving you any pleasure. The pleasure is all Mine.

Useless Tiny Dick

small cock tease
Come here, lemme take a good look at that thing of yours. Yea, that’s right, jerk it a little harder. I’m sure you can make it bigger.
ahahah oh yea? That’s it? I bet I make more cum then you when I get off. you’re little weenie probably just dribbles out if it could even last longer then 5 seconds. Lemme jerk it for you. Lemme see if how much you can cum.

Which Pair Fucks Best

pick my fucking lingerie

I want some advice. Which panties read “come fuck Me” the best? I mean the full backs accentuate My ass nicely but I think the thong looks the best, don’t you? Plus he can easily pull it to the side and fuck Me until We both come leaving a sloppy mess in My gloppy panties for you to clean up.

My clips are cheaper on NF and Clipvia vs Clips4Sale only because I see a lot more of your money actually hit My pocket.

Stupid Cuck Hubby

While you wait for Me to prepare a more personal post as to what I have been up to over the past few days, why don’t you sit back, relax, and let the humiliation ensue.

Stupid Cuck Hubbycuckold husband taken for his cash

Daphney is so sick of you. I mean it’s not like you can please her anyways. Which is exactly why she takes all of your cash and blows it on her hottie new girlfriend. Let’s face it, your pathetic little dicklet will never please her. Might as well continue to pay for Daph and Kym’s pleasure. I mean, they kinda have you by the balls anyways

A little side project of Mine I have been working on. Rounding up sex kittens instructing them on how to work you over.

sex kittens

ShitCrackers and Promises

HE HE HE- you know you’re pathetic when’s German drunken cuck foot slut is back again. Begging for a make out clip of Me and the Man with lots of up close foot action.

Honoured Goddess Princess Meggerz,

i could wrap a huge fire cracker in shit and blow it up in my home, so the shit will be litterally everywhere.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? Do it. Maybe then and your $500+ later I might get around to it.

And can’t wait to see if Wayne holds true to his Christian Louboutin reservation.

I Love Food

And TYMeggerz knows how to spend on Me. “she” is busy sleeping this week away because when ‘she’ is not sleeping ‘she’ is working hard for My cash. Right whore? hehe you are such a dumb fucking twat.

WE are going to make good use out of these.  cf


Mmmm and pigball went all out on Bonefish. Bang bang shrimp… if you ever visit Florida these are a MUST EAT.