Black Seamed ‘Cuban’ Pantyhose

And other goodies will be making their way out of my closet and onto Ebanned. If you don’t have an account with Ebanned and are interested in something such as pantyhose, socks, panties, shoes, etc. read the following very carefully:  I will only be responding to emails, instant msgs or comments to this post accompanied with a $20 tribute that will go towards your purchase. I don’t have the patience to answer endless inquires without sufficient motivation. Everything will be sold, trashed, or donated without any frustration on my part.
I ship discreetly both domestic and internationally. International rates will apply. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

meggerz pantyhose feet and toes black seamed pantyhose

Cum Eating, Diapers, & Small Dick

1 minute 45 seconds.

This is my “WTF” face. But ya know if ya wanna pay for a 10 minute session, turn the cam on, shoot nut across the room  (witnessing it fly from that tiny cock was rather shocking ), and run I’m A-OK with that.
one minute man

Seems to be the theme nowadays. Pay for 10 minutes pop in 5. Again, completely A-OK with taking your money for an overpriced cam session. (Nig just won the record. 1:24, oh yeah.)

So next there’s “pathetic diaper boy” I’ve seen plastered all over other blogs lately. “Goo goo gaa gaa!” What a loser. “I’ve been in diapers for 11 years after I began wetting the bed. I wish you could see the nursery (basement) at my ex wife’s. She had a special crib and playpen made just for me!” Yay. But I’ll pass. Not unless ya wanna dig deeper into your pocke… er diaper and give me more babysitting money. I mean really, you’re only good for 2 things: a laugh and easy fast babysitting cash.

pathetic diaper boy
diaper fetish

Guess what “pathetic diaper boy” has been taught to do with all his messes… Yep.
Kinda like this freakshow below. Ass obsessed panty wearing small penis loser. Says he wants to gobble on cock for me. Don’t doubt it. Cleans up after himself too. These bitches are nice and tidy. *dribble dribble lick lick* How’s the humpty pillow taste, hmm? Cumalicious I bet.pillow humping cum licker

My little foot bitch has been making an impression lately. About a year ago I used to get heels and pedis before he fell off the bandwagon. Can’t say that he was missed but it’s always so uh… sweet… having my last 4 mani / pedi’s paid for in one lump sum along with the upcoming, more cash, and more boots. Which I love love *LOVE* by the way.

foot fetish

Anyone else wanna take over the mani / pedi payment regime? I’ve got about 4 onboard, can’t hurt to recruit a fifth. 4 errr 5 x $80 every two weeks… just think of it this way, if your money doesn’t go to this pedicure it will surely go to a future one.

Speaking of feet, my flipflop slippers are up for auction. So sad to see them go but I know you’ll appreciate them more than me.

used flipflops

Buy the clip HERE


Bid HERE and win the clip along with the flips.

foot fetish


And I shall leave you with this little gem. ;]
real self destruction

“Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk
Making smart with their words again – well, I’m bored
Because I’m doing this for the thrill of it, killing it” er yeah, no.



Ebanned Auction Re List & Cumdump’s New Life Purpose

I really don’t care if you plan on paying for this or not because well, you’re not. My stupid sucker is. So bid it up. HIGH.

This is the 3rd re list and I want to make it worth My while. I mean, common, logging back into ebanned and clicking the “relist” button is a lot of hard work and quite frankly I want to be rewarded for My efforts.


Oh and everyone clap for Cumdump. Who was once only a cock whore is now a full blown cuckold cock fiend. This lowly piece of shit now has a new purpose in life:  To keep Me looking good for all My swanky sex flings.

“In fact, I need to continue to add small accessories to the wishlist for the whore to purchase.”

Cumdump’s purpose in life

“That way, each date, flirt, occasional fling I encounter I will have a little piece of you to accent it. Nothing like the cuck whore keeping Me hot and in style whilst dreaming of the dick I might let him suck, My left overs, My sloppy seconds. Really, whore.”

So no one buy anything off My wishlist with the whore’s name next to it. That’s his special date responsibility. ;]

Bikini Cocks and Cam

Which sissy is going to earn the privilege of being Our next slut in training?


I mean, common, who can resist totally ass banging themselves on cam for 2 gorgeous Girls in a bikini?! And if you are REALLY lucky We may even let you do ass to mouth for Us! HAHAHA mmm STRETCH THAT CUNT with Our cock!

Speaking of bikini cam… check out Steven. Licking the fuck out of his computer screen!


After drunkenly spending well over a grand on the 2 of Us he made jizzies on his screen and sulked off to his sleeping piggie of a wife. Tonight he even stirred in some of his own shit for an anniversary dinner treat via My instruction. Fucking LOSER.

Ratboy also enjoyed himself. Got a few minutes of bullshit footcam cuz he is such a sucker. Willing to pay for ANYTHING. Didn’t even get to see bikini cam. Another one that lives just to please Me.

And then there is bikini bitch, sent Us $300 for 2 minutes of cam time. Blew his load and quickly freaked and ran. Don’t worry, We have it all on film!


financial domination

This is just for the month of Oct.. mostly last weekend via CLIPVIA! Time to go spend some Amazon ecerts and add up the rest of the month’s earnings from My other sources. LOVE IT!

Toe Candy

I’ve been slack. Busy enjoying the money cumdump keeps shoving My way. Feels good paying for My good life, huh loser? ;]

Trying to get motivated to sell some stuff… clips, candy, crap. you know, anything the freaks will suck up.
Currently I am offering 2 toe peeps for only $20! Yep, ONLY $20 for the honor of relishing in something so sweet stomped on by your’s truly!

foot candy

Click the pic for the auction and the free clip. I don’t know why I give you bitches such good deals. Sometimes teasing you is just as fun as making you pay dearly for My goodies.