Ebanned Auction Re List & Cumdump’s New Life Purpose

I really don’t care if you plan on paying for this or not because well, you’re not. My stupid sucker is. So bid it up. HIGH.

This is the 3rd re list and I want to make it worth My while. I mean, common, logging back into ebanned and clicking the “relist” button is a lot of hard work and quite frankly I want to be rewarded for My efforts.


Oh and everyone clap for Cumdump. Who was once only a cock whore is now a full blown cuckold cock fiend. This lowly piece of shit now has a new purpose in life:  To keep Me looking good for all My swanky sex flings.

“In fact, I need to continue to add small accessories to the wishlist for the whore to purchase.”

Cumdump’s purpose in life

“That way, each date, flirt, occasional fling I encounter I will have a little piece of you to accent it. Nothing like the cuck whore keeping Me hot and in style whilst dreaming of the dick I might let him suck, My left overs, My sloppy seconds. Really, whore.”

So no one buy anything off My wishlist with the whore’s name next to it. That’s his special date responsibility. ;]


"Ohhh Goddess, reading this email made my tiny dickless cock hurt in the pink CD …"  -shitdog

muslim shit dog
A $500+ ramadumdum day for Me.

And the fight over My delicious socks continues… footboidon is in the lead. KEEP IT THAT WAY.

meggerz socks for sale

see just how much the little perv LOVES My stinky sweaty sublime feet?!

Becoming My Footbitch

Requested: Princess i just LOVE feet. i love everything about them! The way they look,feel,taste,and smell! i love stinky feet! To me a womans feet don’t stink. They are sweet smelling and i love being forced to smell sweaty stinky feet. i love being humiliatied by feet. My place is to be at feet and worship the feet of great and beautiful women such as yourself. i love being told what to do while worshipping feet. My lips were made to kiss feet. My mouth to suck toes and eat toejam. My tongue to clean sweaty dirty feet clean. Verbal humiliation while worshipping feet always turns me on. i am a footbitch and that is my role in life. i love it when my Princess tells me how she will let her friends watch and humiliate me while i worship her feet. Of course being a footslut i would worship your friends feet too if i was a good boi. i would love lying on the floor while you rest your beautiful feet on my loser face as a footstool. My role is to be a footslave. My job should be to worship feet and give pedicures. Please humiliate me with your lovely feet. You are wonderful Princess Meggerz and i look forward to becoming your footbitch.