Bikini Cocks and Cam

Which sissy is going to earn the privilege of being Our next slut in training?


I mean, common, who can resist totally ass banging themselves on cam for 2 gorgeous Girls in a bikini?! And if you are REALLY lucky We may even let you do ass to mouth for Us! HAHAHA mmm STRETCH THAT CUNT with Our cock!

Speaking of bikini cam… check out Steven. Licking the fuck out of his computer screen!


After drunkenly spending well over a grand on the 2 of Us he made jizzies on his screen and sulked off to his sleeping piggie of a wife. Tonight he even stirred in some of his own shit for an anniversary dinner treat via My instruction. Fucking LOSER.

Ratboy also enjoyed himself. Got a few minutes of bullshit footcam cuz he is such a sucker. Willing to pay for ANYTHING. Didn’t even get to see bikini cam. Another one that lives just to please Me.

And then there is bikini bitch, sent Us $300 for 2 minutes of cam time. Blew his load and quickly freaked and ran. Don’t worry, We have it all on film!


financial domination

This is just for the month of Oct.. mostly last weekend via CLIPVIA! Time to go spend some Amazon ecerts and add up the rest of the month’s earnings from My other sources. LOVE IT!