Waking Up To Cash

A new cuckiepup just dribbled into My ever growing bank account…


Oh and a new pair of $119 Nike Shox.

Ah, waking up late in the afternoon after a long sexy night to a cuckie with cash waiting to work for Me, the easy life!

Cuckold Fucking

I really hope tomorrow is warm enough to ride My bike to the beach…

Anyway, My Mattie’s birthday is in just a few days and I am clueless as to what to get for him. I really want to take a mini vaca but again, no clue as to where he would like to visit.

hrmm.. maybe I’ll just give him sex. Lots of sex. All men love sex…you renting Us a little villa on Siesta Key so We can fuck all over the beach. HA! I love it! 
I know My cuckold wants in on a piece of this action. Because you get all stupid and spendy knowing your cash is taking part in our pleasure. Imagine Us dining on steak and indulging Ourselves on wine because you’re paying the bill. Returning home to fuck in our drunken stupor. Fucking because We can’t get enough of each other and fucking because We have not a care in the world. And of course fucking because fucking you over and out of your money is more fun when there is fucking involved!

you know how to make this little fantasy a reality.