Chastity Is a Mindfuck


All I care about and look forward to is release. I miss touching my skin, jerkin off, stroking. I wonder how much weak and submissive I will become in the coming days.
Also, gay thoughts are now entertaining my mind. I barely managed to stop myself from sticking something up my ass.

How I felt today: GAY.
How I felt today: Frustrated.

The “slipping out” method with soap and lube DOES NOT WORK with CB 6000 because it’s too tight. Leaving my ball sack forever sore and black.
manhood in the hands of a gorgeous, dominant woman

My key/manhood in the hands of a gorgeous, dominant woman, MILES AWAY.


Well jay, this isn’t enough.

Paid Chastity fees

Total Tributes in 15 days (Including today): $425

Total Tributes + Cost (shipping/cage/clips): $495


30 Days Of Chastity

30 Days Of Chastity

It appears I need to tighten the leash and give My subs a little more guidance and structure.

Key Holding mistress


I am the key holder / 30 day Owner for 2 boys… which must be a new fad for this new year. Resolving to put yourself through pain and suffering for a Mistress is a pretty unforgiving task considering the damage both you and I could do to your cock and reputation. But as long as My boys follow the rules, they don’t risk being blackmailed ruined along with paying their release fee.

Regardless of number of keys / who else may be holding them, I always ensure I’ll take the measures to get My 30 days of payment.

Key Holder

Having your cock throbbing the behind bars that you willingly locked yourself up in has to be excruciatingly  frustrating, but you’re a glutton for punishment.

 So let’s fast forward a bit.


“I can’t recall any recent birthdays where I haven’t jerked off. Driving back from the post office felt very strange. I still have butterflies and I’m currently having second thoughts about this. Alcohol should do a good job of distracting me for now.

One word to describe how I’m feeling today: TRAPPED.”


Day 6

Today was LONG and Brutal. Thankfully, its almost over. Nights are HORRID. I feel very vulnerable and weak early mornings, especially when trying to fight out erections. I often find myself humping the bed/pillow at night at the thought of that key around your neck.

One word to describe how I’m feeling today: HORNY.

slave jay

Day 7 One Week

Pre-cum is developing into an issue. One of these days, I might explode in my cage just by humping.

How I felt today: RESTLESS.

caged cock

The key better be in My box tomorrow. I want something to show off while in Vegas.

keyholdernot allowed to cum

It’s Barbie Bitches!

Hello Barbs.

I’ve got your key.

locked up

And your sissy clothes that smell like Me.

sissy girl

plus 3 more shirts.

See you in NYC whoreface. Can’t wait to use you.

OH and I’ve picked out My hotel. The Gansevoort, a Grand Deluxe King. And I’m not paying a dime. Meet Me at Barney’s – the shoe department bitch. I’ve got 10k to blow.