I’ve been meaning to put this up for a while.

Remember that old cliche, “if you play with fire you’re bound to get burned?


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Mummy’s Lingerie

If you are stupid enough to send Me photos like this and ask Me not to post them of course I am going to post them. I mean, seriously, I know you want them posted, bill curtain. We all know you are a whore. I hope mummy sees these.

You have received 1 photo from billcurtain00. doll2.jpg Open (Alt+Shift+O) 

fucks blowup doll

billcurtain00: dont put onlnie

billcurtain00: have one wanking in my mums underwear

You have received 1 photo from billcurtain00. t733.jpg Open (Alt+Shift+O)

in mothers lingerie

billcurtain00: would u like me to do a pic?

You have received 1 photo from billcurtain00. out.jpg Open (Alt+Shift+O)


billcurtain00: do you like them they are for you not online

princessmeggerz: they are going online

billcurtain00: what! where?

billcurtain00: cant see my face

billcurtain00: please dont

princessmeggerz: who cares

billcurtain00: i do dont want to be recognsied

billcurtain00: in lingerie with sex doll or wanking in motheres girdle


It’s Barbie Bitches!

Hello Barbs.

I’ve got your key.

locked up

And your sissy clothes that smell like Me.

sissy girl

plus 3 more shirts.

See you in NYC whoreface. Can’t wait to use you.

OH and I’ve picked out My hotel. The Gansevoort, a Grand Deluxe King. And I’m not paying a dime. Meet Me at Barney’s – the shoe department bitch. I’ve got 10k to blow.