Glory Holes

Cumdump actually reminded Me that I had these stupidly sexy screen shots of piggy johnny slobbering cock at the local glory hole. err. The cock arcade…

slave sucking cock

He loves to get zooted and swallow random jizz.

cock slave

Pathetic loser sucking strangers cock.

glory hole

OINK OINK hahahaha

but tonight we decided to make him a piggie star

Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?”


I’m waiting on My “Tinkle Ballerina” as I write this.

So where does Cumdump come in you ask.

Whore will be in Germany soon and NEEDS a sweet spot to slob some cock. The grimier the better. Shit deserves shit. Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg. So if you can either suggest a seedy joint or volunteer to have your cock blown LET ME KNOW.  Whore is super excited to become a clip slut for Me, earning Me profit while it falls lower and lower. On it’s knees blowing a sub for My benefit. Oh and whore, keep your eyes on My wish list. Your duty as My date cuck doesn’t expire just because you pulled in one haul.