Seducing My Slut

The poor little cumdump’s got it bad for Me.. especially when seeing Me in My sexy little “barely there” outfits.

You know.

The kind that show off My delicious cleavage and seductive figure. Almost of like a desperately deprived dog who has just been presented with a bowl full of fresh kibble.  he can’t help but salivate, get excited, and fantasize about diving in!

Ohh but too bad so sad. The little piglet doesn’t get to have Me. Instead, whore just gets mesmerized, weakened, and hot. you know your place cockbait. The sexier I look, the hungrier I am for a hunky stud. And you are just a piece of man meat used to attract cock for My amusement. Let’s face it, you ARE that older, weak, needy slut we were discussing. Someone to completely cuckold and wrap tightly around My manicured finger. Someone to drain dry.


And I am good at that. you know as well as I do. My cute and innocent face yet incredibly arrogant attitude… it makes your gut full of little butterflies every time I take more from you.  Tuition for last night is due. One day, very soon, I am going to completely control you.

boys will be bois

The freaks are piling out of the woodwork lately. Literally bam bam bam! you little fucks must be desperate and lonely during these holidays. That’s fine with Me, more cash in My pocket.

forced self facial

So one of My lovely little guys is finally back. he claims he was so scared of Me that he ran off… heh pfft. Whatever, “fabulous D” is back and branded with a new name. After watching My Doctor Meg Reconditions your Brain clip I know he is once again putty in My hands.

TYMeggerz has 24 hours to send My $120 greendot card that was supposed to have been purchased 8am this morning. I would really hate to dismiss for good and ruin his rep.

I’ve got a new humiliation clown begging for sessions and a new ass addict up My butt. We’ll see where these 2 take Me. Hopefully all the way to the bank.

And last and least- cumdump– that mangina better be pumped and stretched on a daily basis. your throat is to be stuffed with dildo in the process. No excuses. It’s time to turn the heat up on your training.

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