Mummy’s Lingerie

If you are stupid enough to send Me photos like this and ask Me not to post them of course I am going to post them. I mean, seriously, I know you want them posted, bill curtain. We all know you are a whore. I hope mummy sees these.

You have received 1 photo from billcurtain00. doll2.jpg Open (Alt+Shift+O) 

fucks blowup doll

billcurtain00: dont put onlnie

billcurtain00: have one wanking in my mums underwear

You have received 1 photo from billcurtain00. t733.jpg Open (Alt+Shift+O)

in mothers lingerie

billcurtain00: would u like me to do a pic?

You have received 1 photo from billcurtain00. out.jpg Open (Alt+Shift+O)


billcurtain00: do you like them they are for you not online

princessmeggerz: they are going online

billcurtain00: what! where?

billcurtain00: cant see my face

billcurtain00: please dont

princessmeggerz: who cares

billcurtain00: i do dont want to be recognsied

billcurtain00: in lingerie with sex doll or wanking in motheres girdle


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