My Birthday, your Responsibility

Whoa, it’s been some time since I’ve updated and I am only doing so now because My birthday is on the 25th. You little minions, subs, sluts, whores, and losers OWE Me for My time and presence online so make yourself useful and send Me something for My big day!

Amazon Gift Cards are pretty useful.

But you know I love cash. Pick your poison:

Bra’s have been pouring in;

along with over priced pantyhose from My cumdump;

And sexy lingerie to wear on all those dates.

You know whore, it’s so pathetic how you desperately crave cock yet NEED Me to control and “force” you into it. Groveling through email and posting cock photos on twitter while you pump your fist and widen your cunt. It makes Me laugh as I sit here typing this, ignoring you. On vacation in Florida. Relaxing on the beach while you eagerly wait for My attention.

My birthday is quickly approaching and you will have no choice but to make Me happy and give Me what I want. In fact I am sitting out at the pool right now, adding items to My wishlist for you to by and wank to.

I suppose, when I get home I will FINALLY get around to taking those photos for you. I mean I guess for all the cash you drop on Me I could at least do something for you. Or just do it to have you drool harder and fall deeper. Here, happy wanking slutbag.

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