My fuckwhore cumdump has two options:

1. Tuition is IN My account OR WU numbers IN My email within 24 hours


2. I open cumdump’s cock training, cum worshiping, piggie pay site to the public

If option 2 just so happens to occur, a fine WILL be set in place.

With that being said, small shout outs to jean slut. Totally smitten by My clips, the slut has taken a rather large interest in My ass (& My spit & just about anything else to do with Me) so it looks like I am going to the mall. Times are tight and cards are maxed but I always have the final say. CHECK YOUR MAIL.


Oldie but bestie.


And lookie who I’ve got here. The self proclaimed ‘worthless nigger cunt sucker’ who JUST LOVES flaunting My sexy little slut wear. Don’t forget My shiny little booty shorts you’ve won. you KNOW the price tag on your ‘soon to be booty shorts’ and I have decided I’m going to give you a special little treat with em too.  Check your email, I’ll be checking My bank account.

 And this just came now- a few days late and a LOT OF dollars short. Let’s see if I can score more!




$325 pissie bed,