Great Expectations

Sarah Diavola was in town this weekend so I put email on the back burner.

meggerz sarah diavola

It’s tough when you’re friends with all the bartenders and don’t pay or wait for a thing. ;]

And below will see why email is not a priority of mine. Good boys earn easier ways to interact with me.

Princess Meggerz,

First off, I would love to say that I am not worthy. I want to serve you because I am a loser of a male that has no purpose in life and I’m begging you to give me one. I am a decently fit 21 year old with a girlfriend and usually shes the boss. I work 40 hours a week, making 13.00 per hour and im honestly not considering going back to school because id rather get a second job to support you, Princess. Please consider me as some type of slave.

Forever Underneath Your Royal Feet,

Future Slave Boy

Oh yes, this is exactly what I am looking for in a sub. One who is fit (because that matters) but broke and will be giving what little money he does make to his bossy girlfriend. There is so much here to benefit me that I can’t wait for us to form a relationship.

My name is Ky** ***en. I want to be owned. I want to be controlled I’ll give you my debit card info my social security info anything princess i don’t have the most money in the world but all I have I want to give to GOD!!!

He wants so much from me yet gave me nothing. He’s a keeper.

Goddess, I sent this to Your other email aswellm, PLEASE HELP!
Im a loser and I know it.
Im 20 and have NOT YET stopped femdom.
CAN YOU PLEASE give me an advice on how to stop Goddess?
I just got a gf and I want to get stuff together. Please?


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