Keeping In Touch

Keeping in touch with me just got a lot easier.

Craving my attention while I am away from my computer (which is more often than not) seems to be your biggest wanking problem. So here’s my solution.
I’m now on snapchat and kik. They both offer you direct access to me via our mobile devices. If you’re not familiar with either, kik allows us to text and send photos (similiar to yahoo). snapchat allows us to text, send photos and 10 second video clips (which I randomly do) back and forth. The text, photos, and video all disappear afterwards.

send cash send me money snapchat

Each ID is $50. If you want them both you pay for them both. It’s very important that you email me with which app you have purchased and your ID associated with that app.

meggerz snapchat id       meggerz kik id

2 thoughts on “Keeping In Touch

  1. Hi Miss Meggerz, I just send you $50,00 like tribute for your ID.
    Waiting to realise cam domination, game for you Dutty for me

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