And $700+ later…

small penis humiliation

Currently on the phone with Blake – aka super fag.


giant cock

It’s been over 2 hours at the rate of $5.99 per minute and I’ve been listening to him drone on and on about  his life’s experiences sucking and mancunting cock. Very uhm- fun.

small penis

Look as his tiny penis compared to a regular sized cock. Pathetic, huh? That’s why he likes the BBC.

white boy loves black cock

At 13 he blew his load the first time he sucked his friends dick. Bust it right there in his panties as his buddy blew into his mouth.

At 16 he lost his virginity. His girlfriend went to the gyno and the doctor asked if she knew what sex was. Apparently his little cock, after 4 thrusts, never made a dent in her. The whole school found out and it was all down hill from then on. Cock for Blake. Which is how I discovered or Blake’s profile rather.  I logged in and spruced it up a bit.

And now he is super pumped to read this blog post, he is sitting on the phone as I type it hoping to blow to it. Hi Blake.

P.S. I was just reminded, My neighbor Evan stopped by to say hello and I told Super Fag to tell Evan all these embarrassing stories I just mentioned above. I think super fag liked that.  ;] Evan however did not.

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