Exclusive Interview With Princess Meggerz: is joined today by one of the self-styled “OGs” of the femdom world. And if you have surfed the fetishistic corners of the worldwide web, I would bet that you have stumbled across her.
Please welcome the gorgeous and self-assured, Meggerz!
Thank you for joining us today! First of all, What do you go by?

Princess Meggerz. I know, wtf is a ‘Meggerz’? I could have chosen a stage name but instead I went with my nickname from mIRC.[1]We’re talking years ago. I didn’t even know what a stage name was.

And I don’t think it’s worth it now to ‘rebrand’ myself. People know who I am.

I was just about to ask you to explain where the name “Meggerz” came from! That’s awesome!
So, my next question was going to be what descriptors you prefer – “Domme,” “Mistress,” etc. But, it’s obviously Princess. Yes?

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Gay For (Not Only) Pay

Last night I had a revelation.

Initially I thought gay men turned me on. And of course this isn’t unusual. Most women become aroused by gay porn. Possibly because it appears as if the men involved are actually enjoying themselves. Nothing seems scripted, rehearsed, or over the top ridiculous. I myself have trouble watching conventional porn knowing how much effort goes into getting the right shot, how unrealistic everything looks and sounds, and how uncomfortable most of those damned positions are. But that’s beside my point.

I realized that for me to become aroused it has little to do with the actual man on man interaction and everything to do with being the only driving force behind one straight man’s desire to act in a gay manor for my pleasure.

And here’s an example I can pull from my teenage years. I was too young and naive to realized exactly what I was doing at the time and what it would lead up to but looking back upon this gave me an “ah ha!” moment as to why I am so great at what I do now.

I was about 15 year and hanging out with two of my guy friends. One of whom I knew had a major crush on me. Crush guy and friend wanted beer but had no money. I had the money but wanted something more out of my investment than just sharing a few beers. I knew then as I know now that the money only played a small part in what happened next.

I wanted to see them work for that money. A kiss. Just a small peck on the lips and I would give them enough for a 12 pack. They refused, assuming I’d eventually cave and spot them the cash. I refused knowing they would eventually give in, that all it would take was another push and a few teasing words. I knew crush guy had it bad enough for me that I’d get my way. I understood the power I held over him. He would convince his friend that it was a good idea, that they needed the beer money bad enough to perform an act they would never consider otherwise. And I ultimately knew it wasn’t about the money. The whole mind fuck I contrived seemed like an innocent enough way for them to earn the money but from that day forth I knew this kid would be putty in my hands.

They kissed, I won, we all shared beer. I shit you not.


So you now understand why I enjoy “Forced Bi” humiliation so much. All of this occured to me sooner but last night’s little phone session with Mikey motivated me to share it with the world much as I am sharing his kink with the world. Enjoy:

If the above video doesn’t work click HERE.
Go fetch Mikey
I’ll blog about Greece in the next few days. Too many photos to sort through.

Slob On The Dildo Sissy Fag

Wimpy Chicago Mikey was a good sissy and paid his humiliating dildo slobbing tax.

Sucking that dildo for Me over the phone always gets his little clitty hard. Right Mikey? But we wouldn’t want what’s her face, you know, “the friend girl,” to find out about it now would we?

And filling out that blackmail application made it even more exciting, right sissy? Now I have the power to take what’s Mine when your clitty starts to throb. You can’t control yourself when horny tingles start  Slobbering a dildo for Me is the only way to “relieve the pressure.”

Who else want’s to play My little blackmail game?

fairyfag cuck and fat

Not in the blogging mood. But quick update.
I’ve got fairyfag spokane sucking black tranny cock for Me.
I’ve got cuckfuck andrew paying for everyone’s dinner and another $800 on outfits and jewelery for dates.
cuckold pays for My date

I’ve got assfat drinking, drawing pigs on himself and washing his hair in ketchup.

drunk loser drunk piggy forced intox

And the rest of you know who you are but aren’t worth a mention.

Home for the Holidays

You know when you’re a grown ass man and daddy still keeps an eye on your checking account that you are a pussy loser.

Isn’t that right TYMeggerz? Poor little pathetic bitch was home for the holidays and resolved to give himself to Me fully this year. Let’s see what happens when he can’t afford My attention. I suppose I should go into team viewer and delete all My clips after the $120 greendot and the $100+ of gift cards he received as a gift for Xmas but NAH not even enough cash to waste My time. That’s child’s play. That is really weak Ken.

But I do love that shower curtain in mommy’s bathroom, matches her nightie top and granny panties.

The rest of you little pissies here and there aren’t even worth My time to mention. I’m not in the blogging mood.