Slob On The Dildo Sissy Fag

Wimpy Chicago Mikey was a good sissy and paid his humiliating dildo slobbing tax.

Sucking that dildo for Me over the phone always gets his little clitty hard. Right Mikey? But we wouldn’t want what’s her face, you know, “the friend girl,” to find out about it now would we?

And filling out that blackmail application made it even more exciting, right sissy? Now I have the power to take what’s Mine when your clitty starts to throb. You can’t control yourself when horny tingles start  Slobbering a dildo for Me is the only way to “relieve the pressure.”

Who else want’s to play My little blackmail game?

Get your Fix

I want you to cum
I really do. Pick out a few of My clips, specifically clips where I allow you to cum or give you a cum countdown. But in order to participate in this clip you are going to have to follow My directions exactly. And if you do… I allow you to cum to My sexy body, round ass, and perfect tits a second time.

*you are going to need a condom*
Now go on and watch My clips. Watch and jerk. Jerk it and blow your load into the condom I instructed you to have. Tie it off and put it somewhere special to save (like the fridge) until you are horny again and able to handle this clip. I guarantee I am going to have a lot of fun with you in this clip.

Little Man Mash
I tease, I taunt, I destroy. Bow down little bug boy. Bow down and pray I spare your life. I want to hear you beg Me to allow you to be set free. I am so cruel and powerful compared to you. I can do anything I want to you. I have complete control over you and you will be My little puppet until I decide to crush you.

Getting My Raise
“So I am the VP of HR at Your company and I have received numerous complaints about Your violation of the dress code (from all the women, who complain about Your short skirts and low-cut tops). I call You in to my office to fire You. But it’s not long before You discover that I am extremely distracted by Your sexy cleavage. Can You make a clip where You exploit my weakness for Your sexy tits to sweet talk me in to letting You keep Your job and also getting a big raise?”
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Blackmailed Bitch

Remember playing My little blackmail series? Well it’s finally time I dug up all your email info and made a sweet little pile of who gets to pay for the final clip and who gets their info blasted across the interwebs. This will be happening VERY soon. Oh and if you missed out and wanna play…


yea i rule you

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Sissy pleading to get humiliated!!!

PRINCESS MEGGERZ please turn my pathetic Virgin sissy ass into your personal bitch i really im a virgin ive never seen a girl naked ive never kissed a girl. my life is ment to serve you PRINCESS. Ive purchased items from your amazon wish list hope u get them soon. here’s a youtube video i made about a year ago i lost the password to the account so i can’t delete the video please im begging ill do everything u say im currently deployed to Afghanistan till march next year so i don’t have any of my sissy clothes with me but ill serve u Princess please humiliate and degrade me