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Clipvia Contest

I have a ton of email to go through but haven’t really caught up on anything since returning home from Peru.

Cagedcuck won a little impromptu clip contest. he was the first to buy 5 clips of Mine off clipvia and therefor won ONE FREE CUSTOM CLIP.
you want a custom clip also?
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ratboi paid for My pedi I have yet to go get. First $100 pedi ever heh.

-cumdump made My tummy happy.

Waiting for Me when I got home,

But I have been spending a lot of time working on something special just for ME. Maybe I will be on cam tonight, maybe not. We’ll see how I feel after I take a long walk with My dog, enjoy My planned bbq, and taste this new wine I just bought.

In any case, you are NOT exempt from purchasing My clips;
So Many Ways to Squash you

Crushed under My powerful ass? No. Smothered in between My cleavage? NAH
Tease, abused, and left for d3ad. Huh little man? Don’t fret, I do figure out how to dispose of you.
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Figured out in 5

Virgin LOSER!
All I wanted to do was prance around in some sexy costume but within 5 minutes I figured your loser ass out. Pathetic and paying for porn.
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Nigger Learns to Love White Cock

So did the little ape think he was going to jerk off to My cream white-ness?! OH no, I have ulterior motives for blackie.
you jerk it to white cock!

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love, lust, and cocksuckers

Cumdump, My stupid slut gutter trash begged Me to unlock his cock sucking shrine website. What a weak and stupid move. So after begging, pleading, and obeying I unlocked the link and BAM he was completely under My control. HA!
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But let’s jump back a few nights. This weekend was insane! Strip clubs, gay cabana boy clubs, night clubs, daaaamn ;]

Friday night My little drunk guy was on again. He loves Me, don’tcha drunk guy.. ;] mmhmm tell it to the world! Did I mention I think My little drunk guy is the BIG V?? haha are you a virgin drunk guy? I never got a straight answer… and by the way, once again there is something waiting. From Me to you.

mmmm I’m lovin it!