Clipvia Contest

I have a ton of email to go through but haven’t really caught up on anything since returning home from Peru.

Cagedcuck won a little impromptu clip contest. he was the first to buy 5 clips of Mine off clipvia and therefor won ONE FREE CUSTOM CLIP.
you want a custom clip also?
Go buy 6 clips from clipvia and I will make a custom 5 minute just for YOU.

ratboi paid for My pedi I have yet to go get. First $100 pedi ever heh.

-cumdump made My tummy happy.

Waiting for Me when I got home,

But I have been spending a lot of time working on something special just for ME. Maybe I will be on cam tonight, maybe not. We’ll see how I feel after I take a long walk with My dog, enjoy My planned bbq, and taste this new wine I just bought.

In any case, you are NOT exempt from purchasing My clips;
So Many Ways to Squash you

Crushed under My powerful ass? No. Smothered in between My cleavage? NAH
Tease, abused, and left for d3ad. Huh little man? Don’t fret, I do figure out how to dispose of you.
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Figured out in 5

Virgin LOSER!
All I wanted to do was prance around in some sexy costume but within 5 minutes I figured your loser ass out. Pathetic and paying for porn.
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Nigger Learns to Love White Cock

So did the little ape think he was going to jerk off to My cream white-ness?! OH no, I have ulterior motives for blackie.
you jerk it to white cock!

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Sissy Bitches and feet

Well I am supposed to be writing My little sissy whore Miss P her instructional / explanation note to take into her wax therapist but I figured informing My followers what’s been up in My life was more important. she knows she comes second to anything I want anyways so she will happily wait. In fact, after I pumped this confused waste of a good wig up with 10x the amount of female hormones the bottle suggested, I made the dumb cunt hand over her amazon password.

All week I’ve been helping Myself to little goodies off My wish list.

Exhibit A: My $300 Coach bag


Exhibit B: My Indo Board… It should tone My ass up to even more perfection while improving My trample balance.


Along with more crap, YES I said crap. Frivolous shit I’ve added to My list just for the sake of spending this cunt bags money on Me that will arrive here within the next few days.

The whore woke up the next morning and txted Me telling Me she noticed I had spent more of her cash on amazon. Well no shit bitch! she was glad I had but would have been happier if it were on items I actually really wanted. HA FUCK YOU WHORE. I couldn’t give a rats ass what would make you happy other then making you drink your piss mixed with glitter and destroying your manhood.

Anyway- the note I am typing next will go a little something like this;

To whom it may concern,

Please understand that this thing before you comes to you as an owned male sissy slave. she is no longer allowed to think for herself and needs My guidance into making her as femme as possible. You will be waxing her brows into the thinnest line possible. As sleek and elegant as this creature can pull off. she will have pencil thin brows to match the rest of her feminine hairless body. You will also be dying them platinum blond to match her whorish wig. Please feel free to be as rough and humiliating as possible. This slut deserves no special treatment. she deserves as much pain and embarrassment from you as possible. Once finished waxing, be sure to parade the sissy around your salon showing off her new look. Be sure to get the opinions of your fellow coworkers to help degrade My slave’s even further.

Thank you and enjoy the 150% tip slut will be leaving,

Mistress Meg


In other news, Cumdump‘s cash transfer better be in route. Everything is looking great, I’ve replaced all My old ‘hand Me down’ furniture with elegant pieces that I will be showing off here and there in My clips – all thanks to the cock sucking slag.

The cumwhore doesn’t support Me, she just gives Me what I want to keep Me satisfied. Don’t get it twisted old man. I keep you around to enjoy My extravagant lifestyle. Not because I am in need of you. And you are not going anywhere, anytime soon. House warming gifts are EXPECTED!


Oh and 10 pair footbitch sent $50 for My pedi. Congrats, all your worthless ass makes gets spent on Me.

To the rest, unworthy of serving Me, go buy My clips. Don’t miss out on "TICK TOCK" staring Myself and amazing Princess Danni D, I rule your dick , Blackmailed Muslim, and Stomp Out


 OOPS! almost forgot to mention My $50 shower curtain I think buybitch splurged on, HAHAHA!