Money Makes Me Feel Better

Saadi is broke yet spent the last of his medication money on Me. I hope you don’t die. I want more of your money. Wow a measly $75. Glad our convo lasted less then 10 minutes without cam. Worthless broke joke.

And oh btw- I feel like shit. I am sick. Just because you paid $100 for ignore cam doesn’t entitle you to become picky and ask for skype. But $400 some odd dollars and 20 clip sales later and I guess I can sit here and let you stare at My face while I cruise the web.



Oh and a big whopping FUCK YOU to the dumbass arab who sent Me $150 for nothing in return. That’s what sand rats deserve. NOTHING.

I haven’t been posting brag posts in a long time but I think it’s funny how I am sickly, laid out in bed, updating clips and I make an easy $675+ with no cam and some stupid ignore skype call.

I guess that’s how a true findom rolls.

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